Welcome Dr. Koh!

Previous Job: Assistant Head of Middle School and Math, Science and Engineering Teacher at Metropolitan Montessori School; Math Teacher at Riverdale Country School; Math and Science Teacher at Fieldston Middle.
Something About Brearley That Appealed to You: Excellent academics and faculty and staff that are thoughtful, intelligent, helpful and kind.
Favorite Food: Savory: Vietnamese food; Sweet: apple crisp.
Coffee or Tea (or neither): Coffee
Favorite Music/Band: Sade
Favorite Book: Virology by Joseph Osmundson
Favorite Thing About Working in NY: It's the convenience with transportation and the proximity to many awesome museums, parks and restaurants.
Hobbies: Cooking, tinkering, organizing and gardening.
Fun Facts: I have been to 12 countries from four continents. The places I traveled to more than once (other than where I grew up) include British Columbia in Canada, Japan, Iceland, Taiwan, and Mexico.
The Brearley School is a K-XII independent day school for girls in New York City. Empowering girls of adventurous intellect to think critically and creatively.
610 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 744-8582 

590 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 744-8582