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Artists Inspiring Artists

Meghan Boody 82Artist

Sitting in the inner sanctum of Meghan Boody’s Looking Glass Labs studio in her Tribeca loft, one can easily get lost in the wondrous otherworldly art and creativity that surrounds you. Working in sculpture, photography and video, Meghan emotionally transports viewers via her familiar yet fantastic characters and their trials. 

Meghan, who was incorporating Photoshop in her art photography before many people had personal computers, has a pioneering spirit. She ensnares the viewer with her art, luring them into beautiful but unsettling scenes unfolding within a system ruled by its own rules and regulations. 

She thinks hopeful Brearley artists need to keep their minds open as they begin their careers. “Don’t specialize too quickly—explore lots of interests and be open to anything,” she says. “And I can’t stress enough the importance of community. A friend and I recently formed a think tank for women in the arts called Gang of Girls to counteract the effects of a diffuse and scattered art world. This has been a great joy and support to me as an artist.”

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