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Brearley Field House Gym

The Field House is a regulation-sized stand-alone gymnasium that is a multipurpose indoor sports facility designed to accommodate various physical activities and events.  The newly replaced gym floor is made of high-quality hardwood to provide a stable and durable surface for various sports and activities. The floor is polished and marked with lines for basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

Along the north end of the gym, there are retractable bleachers for spectators to comfortably watch sporting events or other activities. These bleachers can often accommodate several hundred people. Brearley Field House has new scoreboards mounted on the wall. It displays the score, time remaining and other relevant information during games.

Brearley Field House Turf

The Brearley Field House roof is a sport turf field lined for small-sided soccer, lacrosse and field hockey games. There are movable goals for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey goals along with bleacher seating for 60 spectators.

590 Gym

A regulation-sized high school gymnasium is a spacious and multipurpose indoor sports facility designed to accommodate various physical activities and events. With a scoreboard that displays the score, time remaining and other relevant information during games. The 590 gymnasium is well lit with bright overhead lighting to ensure optimal visibility during games and activities. Adequate ventilation and climate control systems help maintain a comfortable temperature and air quality for participants and spectators. The 590 gym has a limited seating capacity of approximately 30–40 spectators.

610 Gym

The ninth-floor gym in the 610 schoolhouse is used exclusively for physical education classes and some after-school practices. Its size allows for an intimate atmosphere where students can receive individual attention while also allowing for various physical activities. 

610 Weight Room

At over 1500 square feet, Brearley’s state-of-the-art weight room was built in 2023. Imagined as a space for physical education classes, athletics and the Brearley faculty and staff, the open and flexible design allows for large-group fitness and activities, smaller, sport-specific drills and individual training sessions . Durable, nonslip rubber flooring was installed to help with dampening vibration and noise. Windows on all three outfacing walls allow for an abundance of natural light and ventilation. The cardio conditioning area along the west wall includes Woodway treadmills, an elliptical machine, Assault bikes, and Concept 2 rowers. The weight room has an arsenal of free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls), a dual cable column, and a decline leg press machine. The centerpiece of the room is the double-sided half rack for barbell movements. A Brearley identification card is required, as well as an on-boarding certification to use equipment. All students must be accompanied by an adult.

Dance Studios

Brearley has two dance studios that are dedicated spaces designed to facilitate dance training, practice and performances for students who are passionate about dance and the performing arts. It is a creative and inspiring environment that provides ample room for students to explore and express themselves through various dance styles. 

Brearley dance studios are large, open rooms with smooth, well-maintained dance floor that is suitable for various dance forms. Each dance studio has a wall that is lined with full-length mirrors, allowing dancers to observe their form, posture and technique while practicing. Mirrors are essential for self-correction and improvement in dance.

Randall’s Island

Brearley's soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and softball teams use the fields on Randall's Island for practices and games. The cross-country teams practice by running along the river from Brearley up and over the pedestrian bridge to Randall's. For a city school, Randall's provides an amazing array of fields for our students.

Asphalt Green

Just up the street from Brearley is Asphalt Green. All three of Brearley's swim teams use the aquatic facilities as their home pool for meets and practices. Homecoming each fall is at Asphalt Green, with the soccer and field hockey teams using the artificial turf fields.


Brearley has two gymnasiums, a fitness area, and a dance studio in its main building and new 590 building. The school's Field House with regulation-sized basketball and volleyball courts and bleachers is located on East 87th Street, just a short walk away. Brearley also makes use of many outside facilities, including the swimming pool and artificial turf fields at Asphalt Green and fields on Randall's Island.

The Field House

The Brearley Field House is located at 353 East 87th St (between 1st and 2nd Ave). For directions to other athletic fields and locations, please visit our Athletics Calendar.

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590 & 610 Buildings

It is also simple to get here from the FDR Drive, with exits at 96th and 71st Streets (southbound) and at 61st and 96th Streets (northbound). There are several parking garages along 83rd Street, 82nd Street and East End Avenue.

For those taking public transportation, two crosstown buses—on 79th Street and 86th Street—link Brearley to other bus and subway stops. The Lexington Avenue subway (4/5/6 lines) stops at 77th Street (local) and 86th Street (express), and the Q train stops at 86th Street with an exit on 83rd. Throughout the year, a parents’ safety patrol route in the late afternoon adds an extra measure of oversight for older students commuting on their own.

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