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Academic Calendar

  1. August

    1. 19M

      Athletics Preseason Begins

      Mandatory team practices and tryouts for Upper School sports
  2. September

    1. 2M

      Labor Day

      School closed
    2. 5Th

      Opening Day

      School starts for Classes I-XII; special schedule for Class K
    3. 17Tu

      Lower School Curriculum Night

    4. 19Th

      Middle School Curriculum Night

    5. 26Th

      Upper School Curriculum Night

  3. October

    1. 3Th

      Rosh Hashanah

      School closed
    2. 14M

      Fall Weekend/Indigenous Peoples' Day

      School closed
  4. November

    1. 1F


      School closed
    2. 8F

      Lower School, Classes VI-VIII and IX Parent Conferences

      No classes in Lower, Middle or Upper School
    3. 27-29W-F

      Thanksgiving Recess

      School closed
  5. December

    1. 19Th

      Last Day Before Winter Break for Classes V-XII

    2. 20F

      Last Day Before Winter Break for Classes K-IV

      Early dismissal
  6. January

    1. 6M

      School Reopens

    2. 20M

      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

      School closed
    3. 21Tu

      Professional Development Day

      School closed
    4. 29W

      Lunar New Year

      School closed
  7. February

    1. 7F

      VI and IX-XII Conferences

      No classes V-XII
    2. 17M

      Presidents' Day

      School closed
  8. March

    1. 1Sa

      Eid al-Fitr

      School closed
    2. 14F

      Last Day Before Spring Break

  9. April

    1. 1Tu

      School Reopens

    2. 15Tu

      Lower School Parent-Teacher Conferences

      No classes K-IV
    3. 18F

      Good Friday

      School closed
  10. May

    1. 26M

      Memorial Day

      School closed
  11. June

    1. 11W

      Lower School Last Day

      Early Dismissal
    2. 12Th

      Middle School Last Day

      Early Dismissal
    3. 13F

      Upper School Last Day

      Congratulations to the Class of 2025!

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