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Dining Services

Brearley works with FLIK Independent School Dining to provide delicious meals and service to the entire community. More information about the school's food and nutrition philosophy, sourcing, approach to food allergies, special dietary needs and more can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a culinary-driven organization from inception, FLIK’s focus has always been cooking from fresh, whole foods and using high-quality ingredients. Their mission is to provide wholesome, nutritious meals that fuel the minds of Brearley students each day.

  • The on-site chef creates menus with local/regional flavors and ingredients. They receive guidance, training and suggestions for on-trend, innovative ideas from a central FLIK culinary, nutrition and marketing team.

  • Brearley ensures FLIK receives ample support from registered dietitians regarding training, operation management and communication to ensure every student's safety.

  • Our food services staff implements several methods to reinforce sanitation and quality standards. Through continued education and monitoring of food preparation, we track food from receiving to service by recording and documenting all critical control points. FLIK also employs outside sanitation consultant services to supplement their internal efforts to instruct their employees as well as to inspect their operations.

  • Brearley is deeply committed to sustainable food service practices. In fact, FLIK was named the Greenest K12 Contractor by the Green Restaurant Association and is passionate about working with the entire community on sustainability initiatives through their purchasing practices, waste reduction, education and awareness.

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