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Welcome to Brearley

Welcome from Jane Fried, Head of School


After more than a decade of leading The Brearley School, I am still awed by the energy and enthusiasm of our students. There is no greater inspiration than seeing the wonder on their faces as they make an academic discovery or connection. This is why I am here. 

Like a fabric’s intertwined weft and warp, students at Brearley are part of a close knit community. The weft comprises the students, faculty and staff and is made up of fine, pliable strands that run horizontally. Together they bind to the warp. Each year new strands are woven in, adding new types of strength, resilience and beauty to the fabric. The warp is composed of durable fiber and provides the form and shape of our community, its threads representing our mission and values. The warp reminds us what a Brearley education means: excellence in the liberal arts; the joy of lifelong learning; active participation in a lively and inclusive community; thinking critically and creatively; acting for the greater good with courage and integrity; instilling the confidence to pursue one's ambitions; the forging of lifelong friendships; and the capacity to lead purposeful lives. 

I invite you to explore our school’s many threads. The harmony of their intertwining is what has distinguished us since our founding nearly 140 years ago and what will continue to distinguish us in generations to come. Thank you for your interest in our singular school.

By truth and toil united,
Jane Fried

Brearley Is Where We Believe in the Power of Girls’ Intellect

We are intentionally rigorous, providing students an education that challenges their limits and helps them to realize their potential. Our intellectually curious, unapologetically ambitious community flourishes in its shared pursuit of excellence.

Brearley Students Thrive Together in an Inspiring Environment

Together, they explore, collaborate and grow with an abundance of joy at every turn. Forever united with the generations who came before them, they share an unwavering bond that supports, motivates and sustains them for a lifetime.

Brearley’s Faculty Are More than Educators

They bolster students' resilience, catalyze their growth and champion their success. Through their dedication and contagious enthusiasm, they foster a passionate exchange of ideas both in and out of the classroom, shaping students into confident adults.

Brearley Girls Are Emboldened to Better the World Around Them

Students develop critical and creative thinking skills that prepare them for principled engagement in the world. Empowered by their mentors and energized by their classmates, they are moved to bring forth positive and meaningful change.

Our Mission

The Brearley School challenges girls of adventurous intellect and diverse backgrounds to think critically and creatively, 
and to act with courage and integrity.

The School fosters a love of learning, excellence in the 
liberal arts and engagement in a lively and inclusive community.

Guided by dedicated faculty and staff, students learn to uplift one another as they grapple with complex ideas and develop a strong sense of self. We value empathy, originality and depth of thought and character.

The Brearley community cultivates the joy of lasting friendships, the confidence to pursue one's ambitions
and a commitment to the greater good.

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