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Middle School Clubs & Activities

Middle School students have multiple opportunities to explore their interests beyond the curriculum. Student-run clubs, activities, student government and affinity groups all have dedicated time in the schedule for meetings.


  • Bejewelled is the beading club at Brearley, where students can make cool bracelets and necklaces while jamming to pop hits. It's a laid-back way to unwind, get creative and connect with other Middle Schoolers to enjoy a relaxed crafting session and good tunes.

  • Chess Club members checkmate boredom and sharpen their strategy skills through friendly matches with fellow Middle Schoolers who share a passion for chess, whether beginners or seasoned players.

  • Coding Club members dive into the coding universe to unleash creativity and enjoy the teamwork and fun of exploring the wonders of programming together while breaking stereotypes and forging a future in tech.

  • Creative Writing Club is a tight-knit community of students interested in improving their writing skills through thoughtful games, exercises, author visits and collaboration with other clubs.

  • Improv Club invites students to embrace spontaneity and laughter in a supportive and creative community where quick thinking and humor take center stage. Members enjoy an opportunity to unleash their imaginations, build confidence and share plenty of laughs as they explore the art of improvisation together.

  • This club offers Middle School students the opportunity to get out any extra energy during the day. No experience is necessary, just the interest in a laid-back atmosphere where members enjoy dancing together, playing music and having a blast.

  • Members dive into the world of innovation with MS YES, our unique program designed to fuel curiosity in STEM and business. The club is a community of aspiring young minds coming together to explore exciting projects, tackle real-world challenges and foster a passion for the dynamic intersection of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business.

Identity-Based Groups

  • Our AAPI Affinity Group invites members to connect and celebrate diversity, offering insightful discussions, cultural sharing and the chance to build strong connections with Middle Schoolers who share similar backgrounds. It's a welcoming space to embrace your identity, foster understanding and be part of a supportive community.

  • This group is a peer support group for Classes V–VIII who have a "split" situation at home, including divorced/separated parents or single parenthood. Banana Splits meets once per cycle during lunch and is facilitated by a member of the counseling department. Banana Splits allows students to support each other and problem-solve various issues.

  • Bonim Kitanim (Jewish Affinity Group) exists to create a safe and welcoming environment for all Brearley students who identify as Jewish to gather together and discuss our experiences being Jewish in today’s world, as well as current events that concern the Jewish community. We aim to create a tight-knit community for all Jewish Brearley students of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. We include all students who identify as Jewish, no matter their beliefs or manners of practicing religion.

  • The Latinx affinity space offers a safe space for Middle School students who identify as Latinx, including all the races which make up the ethnicity. We aim to speak about our experiences both in and outside the walls of Brearley and to establish a stronger Latinx community within the school. We hold discussions about current events and thoughtful and introspective conversations about the implications and experiences of being Latinx in this age.

  • The Multiracial Affinity Group is an affinity space dedicated to fostering connection among students of mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds. In community we discuss issues related to our mixed backgrounds and experiences, process contemporary events, and hold joy with each other.

  • The South Asian Affinity Group aims to provide a safe and welcoming space for students in the Middle School who identify as South Asian to discuss topics such as current events, culture and identity. These discussions are intended to foster an environment of inclusivity that allows students to speak openly and connect with their South Asian heritage.

  • Ujima is a safe space for Black students to discuss Black culture, Black excellence, the Black diaspora and the issues within and outside of the Black community.

  • Queer and Allies (Q&A) is an affinity/alliance space dedicated to the discussion of intersectional LGBTQ+ topics and the broadening of community through collaborations, projects and engagement.

School-Sponsored Groups and Activities

  • The Athletic Association works closely with members of the Physical Education Department to organize schoolwide events (Homecoming, Mountain Day, Winter Carnival, Spring Fling and Field Day) as well as the intramural games between the two school teams, Red Team and White Team. In addition, the AA may help to plan other athletic events, depending on the interests of the student body. We are dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility in athletics and fostering school spirit.

  • The Brearley Environmental Action Committee (BEAC) is a club dedicated to examining and raising awareness around the underlying issues in our community and the broader world through the lens of environmentalism. In order to foster a more holistic understanding of the climate crisis, BEAC sparks conversation and direct action in our school community on the topics of environmental justice and intersectionality.

  • Math Team’s mission is to expand our mathematical horizons beyond the classroom for anyone interested, regardless of previous experience. Our team members bond over our love and appreciation for mathematics through creative problem solving and friendly competition.

  • Participating in student government is a great way to step into leadership and make one's voice heard. This is a dynamic group of future leaders who collaborate, plan events and advocate for positive change within our school community. Serving in student government offers students an opportunity to discover the power of their ideas and be an integral part of shaping a vibrant and inclusive school community.

  • Middle School Community Engagement Committee provides opportunities for Brearley students to participate in service work and discussions. We seek to educate and raise awareness about important issues through discussions regarding equity and social justice as well as collaborations with other clubs and organizations. As a club, we engage in physical service projects both within and outside of the Brearley community and use our resources to support causes that align with our community values.

  • Drawing at the Met is for MS and US students who enjoy using simple drawing tools in their own journals to observe great works of art in the collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students meet in the school lobby to walk to the museum and are picked up or dismissed from the museum at 5:00 pm. Upper School students are welcome on a recurring or per diem basis.

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