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A Dancer, Choreographer and Director's Brearley Roots

Lucinda Childs 58Dancer, Choreographer and Director

Internationally renowned dancer Lucinda Childs ‘58 is also a distinguished choreographer and director. She began her career in her 20s, presenting solo works as part of Judson Dance Theater—a group of artists committed to the avant-garde who performed their work at Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square Park. In 1973, she began making dances with her own company of dancers which mined the possibilities of upright movement—walking, skipping and changes of direction. In 1976 she co-authored, choreographed and played a leading performance role in Einstein on the Beach, the opera directed by Robert Wilson, with music by Philip Glass, which brought her and the other lead artists international recognition; she was appointed to the rank of commander in France’s Order of Arts and Letters in 2004. 

Lucinda is grateful for her roots in the Brearley community and the foundation it can give to young artists and thinkers. “They are in a community where there is an exchange of ideas, and I think that’s wonderful. For me to be at the school . . . to have learned those skills in an environment of having friends, wonderful teachers, very interesting classes, was really a privilege.”

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