New Faculty Q&A—Meet Ms. Chung-A-Hing

Name: Aruna Chung-A-Hing 
Department/Job: Science Teacher
Previous job(s): Science Teacher
Something that makes Brearley different from other places you've worked: Finding the right professional home can be difficult. At Brearley, there is an overall culture of care. I am delighted to be in a community with opportunities to collaborate with fellow teachers and indulge in individuality.
Favorite food (sweet, savory, etc.): I am a huge dessert fan. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, macarons and chocolate cake are some of my favorites.
Coffee or tea (or neither): Oh, definitely both. Coffee at breakfast and tea sprinkled throughout the day.
Favorite music/band: I am a huge fan of mid-2000s dance music. 
Favorite thing about working in New York: I have the option to get dinner at a different restaurant every day of the school year (I do not do this, but I like having the possibility).
Hobbies: I enjoy painting, Iaido and trying new pastry shops.
Fun fact(s) about you: As a child, I had a pet toucan for a short while.  

The Brearley School is a K-XII independent day school for girls in New York City. Empowering girls of adventurous intellect to think critically and creatively.
610 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 744-8582 

590 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 744-8582