Brearley Students Join the Club — Lots of Them! (Sample List Included)

What do Robotics competitions, Latin “Jeopardy ”games, stand-up comedy and Model UN debates have in common?  They're a small sample of the wide-ranging co-curricular activities being pursued by Brearley students.  On any given day at 610 and 590, Brearley students can be found planning community service events, rehearsing with choruses and orchestras, writing for student publications, working with 3D printers, learning sign language and debating student-self government.
Brearley’s co-curricular clubs and activities provide an opportunity to collaborate and socialize while simultaneously furthering leadership, organizational and public speaking skills.The opportunities evolve as students progress from year to year, , and by incorporating co-curricular meetings into the School’s schedule, girls are able to fully participate in all its offerings. With a dedicated faculty advisor to each club and activity, girls are provided with mentors that help guide their learning experience. 

Curious about Brearley’s A—Z (literally; Anime to Zephyr!) co-curricular offerings and events? See a sample of current Middle and Upper School co-curricular offerings.
-eNews from Brearley (excerpted by Lizzy Youngling)
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