Alumnae Association Board 2020-2021

PRESIDENT Amina Elderfield '94
VICE PRESIDENT Dena Twain Sims '00
SECRETARY Megan Lui '10

TO SERVE UNTIL 2021 Elaine Bennett ’77, Britt Caputo Bunn ’04, Claire Gilman ’89, Colette Macari ’13, Dena Twain Sims ’00, Julia Speed ’07, Karen Young ’88
TO SERVE UNTIL 2022 Kathy Mayer Braddock ’75, Juanita Dugdale ’70, Margot Herrera ’80, Leslie Dickey Patel ’79, Anita Ramamurthy ’12
TO SERVE UNTIL 2023 Leslie Armstrong '58, Antonia Bryan '63, Amina Elderfield '94, Ariel Fantasia '96, Ruth Gais, '64, Katherine Gross-Compitus '95, Lily-Hayes Kaufman '99, Cheyenne Kinch '08, Megan Lui '10, Tess McCann '11, Jaqueline Worth '82

Brearley Alumnae Board Anti-Racism Plan

Drive better, clearer Alum Board accountability to:  
  • Support alums of color and other people who have been “othered” 
  • Educate ourselves and our communities on ways to better embrace anti-racist behaviors and systems  
  • Ensure transparency, representation and anti-racism protocols by the Alum Board itself 
What Will The Alumnae Board Do To Support This Priority
Alum Board 
Structure and 
  • Create a Statement of Values & Culture for Brearley Alumnae Board 
  • Re-evaluate Alum Board structures and focus to seat more alum of color and diverse background
    • Enhance the nomination process and membership 
    • Rethink and ratify alum board criteria and make public (i.e. recruit for specific skill sets, non-NY based, diverse) 
  • Advocate for DEI training for the current Alum Board and explore ways to expand to the wider alum community
Repair / Building 
  • Ensure that all affinity organizations (notably Miller Society and Queerly Brearley) have the Alum Board partnership and support to achieve their goals
  • Welcome other prospective affinity groups to form.  We will refer to the collective of affinity groups as the Brearley Alum Alliance of Inclusion (tentative title), to ensure that the Alum Board is amplifying the voices, experiences and perspectives of those who have not traditionally had platforms in our community 
  • Rethink structure, participation and substance of all future events including panelists, moderators, location, time, subject matter for all Alum Committees 
  • Represent Alumnae Board on the Anti-Racism DEI Committee and ensure active Alum participation where needed/wanted
Learning and Open Exchange 
  • Host marquee community-wide Town Hall with anti-racism leader to support subsequent smaller sessions
  • Create Alum Learning Group for white alums that reads/watches/discusses common works about experiences of diverse communities and lived experiences, meets periodically with volunteer alum moderators, can host multiple sessions/month for time zones, affinity groups, etc. 
Evaluation and Feedback 
  • Self-assess progress against stated goals 
  • Establish consistent forums to gather feedback (giving envelopes, social media channels, survey) 
  • Evaluate use of digital/social channels like Instagram and LinkedIn for the alum board to gather feedback and share progress 
  • Find ways to create greater visibility to current Alumnae Board members – backgrounds, capabilities and anticipated value to the Alum Community 
  • Develop a communications cadence for the full alum community 
  • Connect with other independent schools to see where we can partner and amplify impact of Anti-Racism efforts 
         Note: For this document, we use both Alumnae and Alum


List of 12 items.

  • 610Connect

    610Connect facilitates networking by and among Brearley alumnae by providing: A) Opportunities to explore and learn about a wide variety of fields, career paths and businesses of Brearley alumnae through two or three panel events focused on particular themes; B) A new look at Brearley’s robust online alumnae sites as a networking tool with an eye toward refocusing ongoing networking opportunities for Brearley alumnae through Brearley’s online alumnae resources; C) Tools to help embrace the following networking essentials: “How to Network”, “What Networking Means to Me/You”, and “How to Incorporate Networking into Your Life”; and D) Opportunities to create/provide stronger connections among Brearley alumnae by re-evaluating, reminding and restating common networking themes across multiple platforms available to Brearley alumnae.
  • Alumnae Weekend & Reunion

    The Alumnae Weekend & Reunion Committee will plan events and programming for Alumnae Weekend.  The goal of the Alumnae Weekend & Reunion is to bring generations of Brearley alumnae back to the school to celebrate the past, present and future of Brearley and, in so doing, to reinforce alumnae ties and connections to the School.

  • Annual Fund

    The Alumnae Annual Fund Committee works on all aspects of the alumnae fundraising effort. Alumnae support is crucial to the Annual Fund, which helps bridge the tuition gap between the cost of a Brearley education and the income from tuition and the endowment.  There are also chairs that specifically focus on participation, reunion and leadership donors. 

  • Arts

    The purpose of this committee is to plan two or three events of an artistic nature, with a Brearley connection, during the school year for alumnae and other interested members of the Brearley community.

  • Community Task Force

    This task force will examine the results of the 2017 Alumnae Survey and recommend changes and/or additions to alumnae committees, including the creation of affinity groups. 

  • Frances Riker Davis '15 Award

    The FRD Committee nominates candidates for the FRD Award, which is given to an alumna who has shown outstanding community leadership. 

  • LiBrA (Lives of Brearley Alumnae)

    LiBrA showcases the diverse lives and careers of Brearley women through panel discussions, field trips and collaborative events. LiBrA focuses on the interests and needs of the alumnae community.

  • Lois Kahn Wallace '57 Award

    The LKW Committee selects the recipient of the LKW Award, which is given to an alumna who has recently published a first book, or a book in a new genre. 

  • Miller Society

    The Miller Society, named after Brearley’s first graduate of color, Cecile Miller Eistrup ’58, is an active association of Black and Latinx alumnx of the Brearley School. Launched in 2001, its threefold purpose is to establish and renew bonds with each other, support current Black and Latinx students and their families, and propel diversity, inclusion and equity at the School.

  • Nominations

    The purpose of this committee is to identify and research alumnae in order to present and select a slate of candidates for officers whose terms are completed and for Alumnae Board members at large.


  • Parents' Association

    These alumnae parents are special representatives to the Parents’ Association (PA). As liaisons between the PA and the Alumnae Board, they report to the Alumnae Association on relevant parent activities. 

  • Young Alumnae: Classes 2006-2020

    The Young Alumnae Committee is the youngest of the Alumnae Board committees, planning events for alumnae 15 years from graduation and providing a great entry point for young alums eager to reconnect with Brearley.  This committee plans events during the year, focused on the interests and lives of young alums, and promotes networking among all Brearley alums. 

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