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Meghan Lui '10

Meghan Lui '10


Megan Lui ’10 joined Brearley in Class VI through the Prep for Prep program. During her time at Brearley, she cofounded the Business and Financial Awareness student organization, and served as co-head of the Asian Awareness student organization and Art Club. She graduated from Princeton in 2014 with an AB in art and archaeology, with a focus on the history of art, as well as a certificate in Chinese language and culture. After graduating from Princeton, Megan spent almost a decade on Morgan Stanley’s trading floor as a part of their institutional equities sales team, on the corporate access desk. She is now on a personal break, devoting her time to family, to Brearley and to writing a novel based on six generations of her family’s history as Chinese Americans, starting with the transcontinental railroad. Megan has served on the Brearley Alumnae Board since 2020, and helped to found the Truth and Toil Award Committee during that time. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Peter, and is the sister of Sybil Lui ‘13.

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