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Class XII Science Course Descriptions

ADVANCED BIOLOGY: investigation of biological processes where major life innovations are placed in chronological and evolutionary context. Topics include ecology, gene regulation, cancer, bioethics, biotechnology; laboratory investigations include soil ecology, polymerase chain reaction and CRISPR; statistical analysis of data is emphasized. Students create an in-depth research proposal in a field of their choice. Prerequisites: biology and chemistry.

ADVANCED CHEMISTRY: a deeper exploration of equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry introduced in chemistry as well as new topics such as kinetics, thermodynamics, redox titrations, molecular architecture and orbital hybridization. Prerequisites: biology and chemistry.

CHEMISTRY: investigation into the nature of matter and chemical change. Topics include electron configuration, bonding, gas behavior, the concept of moles, stoichiometry, equilibrium, redox reactions, thermochemistry and acid-base  chemistry. Whenever possible, the course explores the chemistry of environmental  issues, and it culminates in an independent research project.

PHYSICS: investigation of the nature of forces and energy and their interactions with matter. Topics include kinematics; dynamics; and mechanical, thermal, wave, electro-magnetic and nuclear energy.

ADVANCED PHYSICS: extended study, based on calculus, of relationships between forces, matter and energy. Selected topics include kinematics and dynamics, rotational mechanics, electrostatics, circuits, and nuclear and particle physics. Prerequisite: physics.

ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: exploration of the role of science, economics and government policy in developing an environmentally sustainable world. Topics include human population growth, energy production, climate change, freshwater resources, agriculture, aquaculture, waste management, environmental justice and biodiversity.

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