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Class XI Art Course Descriptions

STUDIO ART (half credit; throughout the year): advanced work in the studio with an in-depth exploration of various drawing and painting media. One museum study assignment is required.

ART & DESIGN INTENSIVE: opportunity for curious and committed art and design students to explore their self-expression via student-driven projects. Thought-provoking concepts will be examined in a studio setting. Students may use a variety of materials ranging from traditional to contemporary, including mixed media, fabric, sculpture, wood, ceramics and digital. Students develop a small body of work to present, along with a visual journal of their process, and participate in critiques. Students fulfill this course with an additional two hours of independent work per week and by completing a museum assignment in the fall. Prerequisite: Studio Art IX or X, or two semesters of an art activity.

DRAWING (half credit; fall or spring semester): intensive exposure and observation-based exercises will expand student visual literacy and technique. Fundamental concepts learned in previous years are re-emphasized as students learn new ways of thinking about the function and relevance of drawing. Drawing is taught as a way of thinking. Class critiques and one museum study assignment.

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