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Class IX Modern Languages

FRENCH II COMPREHENSIVE: for those who began in Class VII, consolidation of the student’s knowledge of syntax; reading of short  literary pieces. 

FRENCH II: for those who began in Class V, consolidation of grammar, expansion of vocabulary, and continuation of the study of short literary works and the skills of textual analysis. 

MANDARIN II: for those who began in Class V, continued study of listening, speaking, reading and writing with emphasis on formal grammatical  structures; exploration of Chinese culture through project-based learning and trips to local Chinese communities.

COMPREHENSIVE SPANISH I: introduction to the language, emphasizing listening and speaking, vocabulary acquisition and grammar, as well as the culture and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. 

SPANISH II: for those who began in Class V, a thorough review of grammar and introduction of advanced structures, and the reading of adapted versions of classical literature such as Don Quijote de la Mancha as well as selections from the fiction, poetry and film of Spanish-speaking authors; extension of oral proficiency through presentations on cultural and historical topics. 

LATIN II: completion of the introduction to basic vocabulary and syntax using the Suburani series, followed by stories from the Fabulae Faciles collection and excerpts adapted from Roman authors.

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