The Brearley School believes that diversity of thought, practice and identity are essential elements in preparing students for principled engagement in the world. We believe in the importance of establishing and strengthening the structures and practices necessary to achieve equitable representation and participation in our school. We are committed to putting these beliefs into action and are therefore engaged in continuous study, self-reflection and dialogue in order to improve and adapt as we learn.

We embrace the opportunities and challenges of learning and working in a diverse environment characterized by respect and consideration for the needs of others. In partnership with faculty, staff, students, families and alumnae, we are endeavoring to instill and sustain shared values that promote a welcoming, inclusive and affirming community. 


The Brearley School condemns racism and any other form of bias and bigotry in the strongest possible terms and is committed to building a community that is both antibiased and antiracist. This work requires active introspection, self-awareness and the determination to make conscious and consistently equitable choices on a daily basis. We expect our faculty, staff, students, parents and trustees to pursue meaningful change through deliberate and measurable actions. These actions include participating in antibias/antiracist engagements and identifying and eliminating policies, practices and beliefs that uphold racism, or any form of bias and bigotry, in our community.


List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Coy Dailey

    Coy Dailey 

    Director, Office of Equity and Community Engagement
  • Photo of Ashley Finigan-James

    Ashley Finigan-James 

    Assistant Director, Office of Equity and Community Engagement
  • Photo of Valerie Samuels

    Valerie Samuels 

    Assistant to the Dean of Students and Director of Equity and Community Engagement
  • Photo of Joy Piedmont

    Joy Piedmont 

    Librarian, US DEIA Coordinator
  • Photo of Erica Muñoz-Gonzalez

    Ms. Erica Muñoz-Gonzalez 

    Cross-Divisional Counselor
  • Photo of Ann Saunders

    Dr Ann Saunders 

    Science; Advisor; MS DEIA Coordinator

Affinity Groups and Cultural Clubs

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  • Upper School

    Umoja (Black Affinity)
    LUNA (Latinx Affinity)
    Multiracial Affinity Group
    South Asian Affinity Group
    Asian Awareness
    Diversity Club
    Q&A (Queer and Allies)
  • Middle School

    Ujima (Black Affinity)
    Intersectional Feminism Club
    Diversity Club
    Q&A (Queer and Allies)
    Big Sister Little Sister (Student of Color Peer Mentoring)
  • Adult Groups

    STOC (Staff and Teachers of Color) 
    Parents of Students of Color
The Brearley School is a K-XII independent day school for girls in New York City. Empowering girls of adventurous intellect to think critically and creatively.
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