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Modern Languages Class VIII

BEGINNING FRENCH: for students who began in Class VII, this course develops the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through class conversations, role playing, student-created videos, the reading of texts and poetry, the study of grammar and the writing of narrative paragraphs using the past, present and future tenses. 

FRENCH: for students who began in Class V, the course develops advanced  grammar skills through class conversations, written compositions, the reading of an extended narrative and the viewing of selected scenes of films. 

MANDARIN: continuing the development of skills through supplementary audio and video materials that present students with real-life situations and exercise their ability to listen and respond; further practice in character writing; the enrichment of vocabulary; exploration of Chinese culture.

SPANISH: continuing the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the acquisition of vocabulary and the knowledge of syntax. Special topics include the use of past tenses in narrative and the introduction of the subjunctive. The course concludes with the reading of a full-length short novel. 

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