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  • Frances Riker Davis '15 Award

    The family and friends of Frances Riker Davis ’15 established this award in 1967 to honor the tradition of public service, which Mrs. Davis embodied. The annual award recognizes Brearley alumnae for ongoing, dedicated service to the public good, as demonstrated professionally and/or through volunteerism. The award is given to alumnae who identify a need, create a solution and effect change, and whose unique efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of others over time. Each year’s honoree speaks at a Middle and Upper School assembly in the fall. 

    The Frances Riker Davis Committee considers candidates who have been nominated by their classmates and fellow alumnae. The committee then presents a short list of nominees to a selection committee comprised of past honorees.

    Year AwardedName and Class
    1967Ethel Nathalie Dana 1898
    1968Celestine Goddard Mott ’19
    1969Phyllis Goodhart Gordan ’31
    1970Katharine Strauss Mali ’19
    1971Anne Rosen Stern ’34
    1972Frances Hand Ferguson ’25
    1973Beatrice Bishop Berle, M.D. ’19
    1974Mary St. John Villard ’30
    1975Nina Moore Galston ’31
    1976Winifred Dodd Rouillion ’22
    1977Elizabeth Loeb ’55
    1978Ruth McAneny Loud ’18
    1979Denise Mangravite Scheinberg ’49
    1980Helen Coley Nauts ’25
    1981Josephine Young Case ’24
    1982Edith Wise Burpee ’44
    1983Emily Townsend Vermeule ’46
    1984Special Centennial Awards: Anne Lord Andrews ’27, Mary S. Calderone, M.D., M.P.H. ’22, Rhys Caparn ’27, Rosamond Gilder ’10, Virginia Grace ’18, Frances Holden ’17, Mabel Satterlee Ingalls ’18, Dorothy Schiff ’20, Janet G. Travell, M.D. ’18, Mary Mattison Van Schaik ’28, Bettina Warburg, M.D. ’18, Barbara Lewis Zinsser ’31
    1985Elizabeth Man Sarcka ’11
    1986Lydia Davis Goodhue ’35
    1987Patricia Hochschild Labalme ’44
    1988Edith Humphreys Mas ’58
    1989Glenda Garvey M.D. ’60, Kate Belcher Webster ’42
    1990Joan Ridder Challinor ’45
    1991Patricia Taussig Marshall ’49
    1992Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson ’23
    1993Geraldine Babcock Boone ’40
    1994Mary Anne Goldsmith Schwalbe ’51
    1995Shelah Kane Scott ’50
    1996Linda Borden McKean ’46
    1997Sheila Maynard Platt ’54
    1998Susan Neuberger Wilson ’47
    1999Yeou Cheng Ma ’69
    2000Constance Carden ’62
    2001Mary Langben Cooper ’53
    2002Alice Thurston ’75
    2003Anne Zabriskie Noble ’44
    2004Nina Schwalbe ’84
    2005Susan Popkin Wadsworth ’54
    2006Margaret Kohn ’65
    2007Alissa Rubin ’76
    2008Ruth Wyler Messinger ’58
    2009Ellen Poisson ’64
    2010Laura Rockefeller Chasin ’54
    2011Mary Margaret Gleason ’89
    2012Jessica Sager ’88
    2013Carolyn Buff ’80
    Katharine Doyle ’78
    2014Robyn Young ’92
    2015Carolyn Schmidt ’68
    2016Tamera Stanton Luzzatto ’75
    2017Alice R. Thomas ’84
    2018Carolyn Goldmark Goodman ’57
    2019Jean Loeb Troubh ’56
    2020Alex Piper '84
    Samantha Eisenstein Waston '96
    2021Krysia Bereday Burnham '78
    Nancy Krieger '76
    2022Marguerite Cullman ’54
    Martine Singer ’78
    2023Amanda Eaken '95
    Molly Rauch '90
  • Lois Kahn Wallace '57 Writers Award

    Established in 1999 by literary agent Lois Kahn Wallace ’57, this award honors and encourages an alumna at the beginning of her career as a writer. It may be awarded every two years, and carries an honorarium for the winner. The first honoree, in 2001, was Erica Wagner ’85, literary editor of The Times of London and author of Gravity, a book of short stories, and Ariel’s Gift: Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath and the Story of Birthday Letters. In 2004 the award went to Sarah Towers ’88, short story writer, essayist and journalist; and in 2007 it was granted to Marisa Silver ’78, author of No Direction Home: A Novel. Alumnae are encouraged to apply for the award on their own behalf. To apply, please submit six copies of the work of your choice to the Alumnae Office.

    Year AwardedName and Class
    2001Erica Wagner ’85
    2004Sarah Towers’88
    2007Marisa Silver ’78
    2012Janice Pomerance Nimura ’89
    2014Rachel Urquhart ’81
    2016Anne Roston Korkeakivi ’78
    2019Lindsay Stern ’09
    2021Adrienne Brodeur ’83
    Aarti Shahani ’97
    2023Alice Robb '10
  • Truth and Toil Award

    The Truth and Toil Award, a recently established honor, annually recognizes a living alumna who has built a sense of connection across class years, embodies the values of Brearley, and has had a significant influence on the community.
    Year AwardedName and Class
    2022Cecile Miller Eistrup '58
    2023Wilhelmina Martin Eaken  '64
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