The Alumnae Board performs two key roles. First, it is focused on supporting alums—in all of its wonderful diversity. Through the work of committees, programming and events, and communications, the Board looks to connect with alums far and wide as well as to connect alums with each other and the School. At the same time, it supports and partners with the School on its initiatives and programs to ensure both that the alum voice is considered and members can be ambassadors of the School.

Alumnae Association Board 2023-2024

PRESIDENT Megan Lui '10
VICE PRESIDENT Katy Knight '06
SECRETARY Leslie Armstrong '58

TO SERVE UNTIL 2024: Presca Ahn '05, Charles Berkel '89, Vasavi Devireddy '04, Chelsea Douglas '13, Katy Knight '06, Mary Lambert '87, Christina E. Morales '09, Gwendolyn Fortson Waring '73
TO SERVE UNTIL 2025: Semina Mahmood '15, Kate Marshall '76, Andrea Matos '88, Helen Pennoyer '72
TO SERVE UNTIL 2026: Antonia Bryan '63, Cherise Fisher ’90, Felicia Lugo Grant ’94, Laura Habian ’16, Megan Lui '10, Yeou-Cheng Ma ’69, Sophie Waskow Rifkin ’03, Julie Satow ’92, Jaqueline Worth '82, Christine Yang ’17

Committee Chairs

ALUMNAE WEEKEND Rebecca Bloom '99, Mina Mahmood '15
ANNUAL FUND Emily Marzulli Rummel '06
ARTS Nix LoPinto '14, Julie Satow '92
ELDER COMMITTEE Lale Armstrong '58, Gwendolyn Fortson Waring '73
FRANCES RIKER DAVIS Vasavi Devireddy '04, Cherise Davis Fisher '90, Lucy Mayer Harrop ’70
LIFE AFTER BREARLEY (LAB) Laura Habian '16, Sophie Waskow Rifkin '03
LOIS KAHN WALLACE  Margot Herrera ’80
MILLER SOCIETY Andréa Matos ’88, Michelle Webb ’85
NOMINATIONS Kate Marshall '76, Cordelia McGee-Tubb '07
PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION Eleana Cheng '92, Sayuri Kaczynski '96
QUEERLY BREARLEY Elaine Bennett ’77, Sara Chaganti ’91, Taylor Hosking '13
YOUNG ALUMNAE: CLASSES 2009-2023 Amrita Ramamurthy ’15, Chelsea Douglas ’13, Semina Mahmood '15

DEI Alumnae Advisory Group

Ibijoke Akinola-Michel ‘92, Elaine Bennett ‘77, Lisa Chen ‘10, Ariel Fantasia ‘96, Jade Johnson ‘08, Georgia Levenson Keohane ‘90, Ayodele Lewis ’17, Christina Morales ’09, Andrea Matos ‘88, Gwendolyn Fortson Waring ’73

Committee Descriptions

List of 13 items.

  • Alumnae Weekend & Reunion

    Plans the annual Alumnae Weekend/Reunion, including in-person and virtual events. The purpose of Alumnae Weekend is to connect generations of Brearley alumnae to the school and one another, thereby strengthening those bonds. The goal of Reunion is to provide a channel to communicate the school’s missions and goals, nurture alum-alum relationships and provide a forum for education and personal growth.
  • Annual Fund

    The Alumnae Annual Fund Committee works on all aspects of the alumnae fundraising effort. Alumnae support is crucial to the Annual Fund, which helps bridge the tuition gap between the cost of a Brearley education and the income from tuition and the endowment. There are also chairs that specifically focus on participation, reunion and leadership donors.

  • Arts

    The purpose of the committee is to plan events of an artistic nature for alumnae and other interested members of the Brearley community. There is usually a Brearley connection to the event host. This committee has also organized alumnae-author book discussions.

  • Communications

    Working closely with the Social Media Lead at Brearley, the Alumnae Association President and the Alumnae Relations team, this committee strategically collaborates on relevant alumnae stories and postings.

  • Elder Committee

    The Elder Committee reaches out to alumnae who graduated more than 40 years ago and to those who care about and for them. We hope to encourage sharing of insights, ideas and resources on how to weather the challenges and joys of aging. Events will focus on older alums, though we hope alums of all ages will join us. We are not here to impart wisdom – but to explore the difficult, complex and often surprising issues that reveal themselves as the years go by. Aging is a brave new world for each of us. We want to put our heads together on what we have experienced and what may lie ahead.
  • Frances Riker Davis '15 Award

    The FRD Committee nominates candidates for the FRD Award, which is given to an alumna who has shown outstanding community leadership.

  • Life After Brearley (LAB)

    LAB is a new committee for 2021-2022.  LAB is dedicated to engaging the community at all stages of post-Brearley life to provide support, education and networking opportunities. Diverse programming will be organized around life transitions (e.g., applying to graduate school, buying a home, retirement, etc.) and broad areas of personal interest or professional development (e.g., law, art, literature) and will offer alums opportunities to engage with each other (i.e., network!).    

  • Lois Kahn Wallace '57 Award

    The LKW Committee selects the recipient of the LKW Award, which is given to an alumna who has recently published a first book, or a book in a new genre.

  • Miller Society

    The Miller Society works to strengthen the network of alumnae of African, Caribbean, and Latina descent and help them remain connected to Brearley by hosting intergenerational events and supporting current students of the same background.


  • Nominations

    The purpose of this committee is to identify and research alumnae in order to present and select a yearly slate of candidates for officers and board members-at-large whose terms are ending.


  • Parents' Association Representatives

    As special reps to the Parents’ Association (PA), this role is designated for Board members who are current parents. As liaisons to the PA, these reps keep the Alumnae Association abreast of PA developments and events that may be relevant to alumnae, and vice-versa.

  • Queerly Brearley

    Queerly Brearley creates programming for LGBTQ+ Brearley alums. It is an explicitly gender-inclusive group, informed by the fact that queer identities and experiences are intersectional. Programming includes community events, educational speakers, and affinity spaces.

  • Young Alumnae: Classes 2009-2023

    The Young Alumnae Committee plans events for alumnae 15 years after graduation and provides a great entry point for young alumnae eager to reconnect with Brearley. The events are focused on the interests and lives of young alums and also to promote networking among Brearley alumnae.


Notes Agents

Class Agents

Notes Agents are responsible for reaching out to their classmates to gather and compile news and photographs that are published biannually in the Bulletin. Notes Agents are also asked to help distribute select school communications and alumnae news. Contact information may be found in the Directory (password required).
Class Agents partner with the School to raise vital funds for Brearley, serving as ambassadors among their classmates for Brearley’s Annual Fund.
Class of Notes Agent
1942 Position Available
1943 Frances Fisher
1944 Connie Tate 
1945 Position Available
1946 Position Available
1947 Susan Wilson
1948 Position Available
1949 Position Available
1950 Position Available
1951 Juli S. Towell
1952 Ann Mcgraw Davis
1952 Evelyn J Halpert
1953 Ann Leventhal
1954 Position Available
1955 Amanda Norris Lovell
1956 Cornelia Hanna McMurtrie
1957 Elspeth Woodcock Macdonald
1958 Wendy Lipsey Ecker
1958 Sally Stopford 
1959 Joan Hartwell
1960 Annie-May de Bresson
1961 Jane Uris Bayard
1961 Mitten Wainwright
1962 Peregrine Whittlesey 
1963 Martha Ryan Severens 
1964 Ruth Gais
1965 Sara Baerwald
1965 Lydia Davis
1966 Anne Mittendorf
1967 Position Available
1968 Elena Droutzkoy Corso
1969 Katie Doherty 
1970 Sophie Glazer
1970 Helen Thurston
1971 Lindsey Folsom
1972 Ann Sleeper Koppen
1973 Gwendolyn Waring
1974 Laurie Wetterschneider
1975 Melissa Knox-Raab
1976 Kate Marshall
1977 Alice Truax
1978 Elissa Bernstein 
1979 Position Available
1980 Position Available
1981 Rozie Kennedy
1982 Cordie Tilghman
1982 Robin Murray-Gill Patton
1983 Position Available
1984 Betsy Witten
1985 Caryn Marooney
1986 Alex Postman
1987 Victoria Rowan
1987 Sasha Koren
1988 Karen Mallah
1989 Melissa Dallal
1990 Marijke Smit
1991 Sara Chaganti
1992 Laurin Lucaire
1992 Liz Alderman
1993 Mika Bouvard
1994 Elizabeth Sarosi
1995 Megan Lynagh
1996 Lizzy Oelsner
1996 Lauren Axelrod
1996 Sayuri Ganepola
1996 Sara Peck
1997 Kyle Rabkin
1998 Kimberly Kleinbaum Tsesarsky
1999 Sabrina Geer
2000 Julia Foster
2000 Logan Ferguson
2001 Karina Schumacher-Villasante 
2002 Abby Seiff 
2002 Elizabeth Van Buren
2003 Amber Lam
2004 Lauren Goldenberg
2005 Alex Schwartz
2005 Vana Koutsomitis
2006 Racquel Quarless Hill
2007 Caroline Stern
2007 Zoe Davis
2008 Claire Wallace
2008 Halleh Balch
2009 Annie Baldwin
2010 Megan Lui
2011 Faith Williams
2012 Emily Baldwin
2012 Nancy Chen
2013 Sydney Hausman
2013 Colette Macari
2014 Isabella Huber
2014 Courtney Screen
2015 Julia Press
2015 Isabella Altherr
2015 Emily Orenstein 
2016 Position Available
2017 Morgan Perry
2018 Chiara Nilsson-Salvati
2019 Lauren Scheller
2020 Position Available
Class Agents will be posted soon. To find out who to contact for your class, please email Amina Holman, Annual Fund Director,
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