Employment Opportunities

As faculty and staff openings occur, they will be posted here. Our openings are also regularly posted in the Jobs in Education listings of the Sunday Week in Review section of the New York Times.
The Brearley School values diversity and is an inclusive community with respect to age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity.  Our hiring practices are consistent with our values.

*Current Openings*

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  • Lower and Middle School Teacher of Learning Skills

    The Brearley School, an independent girls’ school serving over 700 students K-XII, seeks candidates for a full-time position as Teacher of Learning Skills in Classes I-VIII beginning September 2019.
    Responsibilities include teaching phonics-based Language Arts, working with Lower School students on mathand math remediation, teaching writing, reading and study skills to Middle School students, and meeting individually with Upper School students.  The department works with small, homogenous Language Arts groups in Classes I, II and III and with small writing groups in Class IV.  The Middle School curriculum focuses on reading comprehension, essay writing, and study skills.  The candidate should be trained to teach students with math and language difficulties; an advanced degree in reading/literacy or a related field, as well as teaching experience in this area, is required.
    Founded in 1884, the school is a center of intellectual exuberance, attracting students from across and beyond New York City. Its mission has long combined outstanding academics with an insistence on larger purpose: we seek to prepare our students for principled engagement in the world.
    A Brearley teacher loves to teach students who love to learn. She or he has the wisdom and skill to spark in them a pioneering spirit as well as the ability to think critically and creatively. We count on our faculty to create and maintain an atmosphere of honesty, generosity and genuine respect for the thoughts, efforts and feelings of others. Many are scholars, artists or athletes. We actively seek to build, nurture and sustain a diverse faculty and student body.
    This position, like many at the school, entails cross-divisional teaching, which is an essential aspect of our program. We educate our students with a network of teachers who know them for years, who recognize that they flourish in their own time, and who know where the curriculum begins and how it will proceed. A Brearley education is rooted in ideas and practices that have been developed over time and through thoughtful, deliberate collaboration. We encourage new faculty to bring new ideas and fresh insights that might enhance a strong, beloved foundation.
    The ideal candidate will have a genuine passion for and command of subject matter; a sincere interest in young people and an appreciation for the variety of ways in which they grow and learn; excellent communications skills; fairness, consistency and promptness in evaluating student work and in responding to students’ individual progress; the desire to collaborate; a collegial spirit and a sense of humor; and a commitment to helping students think independently and develop confidence in their own abilities.
    Class size averages 3-7 students. A Brearley teacher also educates students through service in other areas, such as advising a small group of students, for example, guiding a club or chaperoning trips, and attending extracurricular events in which the students take part.
    Interested candidates may apply for this position by sending a cover letter and resume to registrar@brearley.org.
    The Brearley School is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to hiring exceptional, dedicated teachers of diverse backgrounds. We consider qualified individuals for employment with the School regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other state or federal protected classification.
  • Network & Information Systems Specialist


    The Network and Information Systems Specialist assumes the primary responsibility of the efficient performance of the Brearley School's network and server infrastructure.   Working in a highly supportive and collaborative environment, the Network and Information Systems Specialist works closely with the Director of Technology and other Technology Department members to ensure that all students, faculty and staff consistently receive the technical resources needed to support the academic and intellectual rigor of its programs.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Your Daily Responsibilities
    • Detect, diagnose and resolve antivirus, malware and other computer security issues.
    • Monitor networks, firewalls and security event logs.
    • Monitor server and desktop backup services.
    • Resolve network, wireless and server connectivity issues for students, faculty, and staff.
    • Perform file restores for faculty and staff where necessary.
    • Provide occasional event and assembly support with special network requirements (e.g. graduation, sporting events)
    • Resolve network issues related to classroom audiovisual requirements(e.g. streaming media, screen sharing, videoconferencing)

    Your Monthly Responsibilities
    • Actively maintain and monitor the campus physical networking infrastructure (switches, ports, patch panels, and wall jacks).
    • Actively maintain and monitor the campus wireless network for performance issues.
    • Actively maintain and monitor the campus local area and wide area networks for bottlenecks and potential issues.
    • Manage relationships with vendors and managed service providers.
    • Work with managed service providers to patch virtual servers and physical appliances during predetermined downtime windows.
    • Create, populate, update and maintain an infrastructure operations dashboard for analyzing trends and identifying potential issues and problems.

    Your Yearly Responsibilities
    • Consult and recommend campus infrastructure and hardware upgrades with respect to capacity planning and budgeting.
    • Create, update and maintain Active Directory and email accounts for faculty, staff and students.
    • Update and maintain campus documentation, network maps, and operating procedures.
    • Train and inform other department members on issues related to infrastructure.

    Your Summertime Responsibilities
    • Manage projects related to the testing, upgrading and optimization of core infrastructure components.   Potential projects include, but is not limited to: upgrading physical wiring and networking, routers and switches, wireless network optimization, local and wide area network optimization, and phone system upgrade and optimization.

    Your Mission-Focused Responsibilities
    • Participate in and contribute to activities that pertain to school community and mission (e.g. student assemblies, faculty/staff meetings, equity leadership groups)
    • Serve on and contribute to special school committees and subcommittees (e.g. administrative technology and crisis committees).
    • Contribute “tips and tricks” articles to department professional development newsletter.

    Required Knowledge:

    You are expected to have experience supporting, or the ability to rapidly learn:
    • MacOS, iOS and Chrome devices.
    • Active Directory services, physical and virtual Windows servers in the enterprise.
    • The GSuite and Office365 administrator consoles.
    • Physical networking and wiring, VLANs, network switches, and firewalls.
    • Wireless controllers and networks.
    • Mobile device management, enterprise antivirus and cloud security platforms.
    • Desktop and server backup services.
    • SIP/VOIP phone systems.

    Ideal Qualities:

    You are ideally:
    • Adaptable and responsive to the ebb and flow of a typical school day.
    • Equally comfortable working with kids of all ages or computers of all ages.
    • Passionate about mission-focused academic institutions and deep learning experiences.
    • An excellent writer and communicator, especially when pertaining to technical issues and non-technical people.
    • A highly analytical, precise, detail-oriented worker.
    • Innovative with respect to solving problems and finding solutions.
    • An effective multi-tasker and project manager.
    • Self-motivated with respect to learning new tools, techniques and concepts.
    • Organized and able to set and re-set priorities.
    • Ready to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out!” and demonstrate follow-through on those words.
    • Appreciative of every school employee’s role as an educator.
    • Willing to stop to tie a shoe, provide gentle guidance for lunchroom behavior, or help an Upper School student with an independent project.

    The Brearley School is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to hiring exceptional, dedicated teachers of diverse backgrounds. We consider qualified individuals for employment with the School regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other state or federal protected classification.
Submitting Your Résumé 
See job descriptions for application instructions.

Faculty Benefits

The School offers many benefits to eligible employees, including health insurance, retirement annuity plans, long-term disability insurance, a flexible spending plan, a computer purchase loan plan, the City’s TransitChek program, and breakfast and lunch for all employees without charge. New faculty may apply for housing in a Brearley-owned building on East 77th Street.

610 East 83rd Street | New York, NY 10028
(212) 744-8582