The Brearley School is delighted to announce its inaugural Summer Institute, an academically focused summer program for rising Class IX-XII Brearley students.  

In keeping with our mission to challenge students to think critically and creatively and to serve the greater good, the Institute will provide an opportunity for immersive and rigorous summer learning for Middle and Upper School students.

In its initial year, Brearley will pilot four courses for students who have completed Class VIII through Class XI. The Institute will provide students with a grade and comments at the end of the session. Our hope is to expand the selection of offerings in future years. 

The inaugural summer session will include the following classes (descriptions below):
  • Introduction to Computer Science for students who have completed Classes VIII-XI
  • Urdu for students who have completed Classes VIII-XI (Closed)
  • Community and Public Service for students who have completed Classes IX-XI (Closed)
  • The Complete Poet: Writing Workshop for students who have completed Classes VIII-XI
Please note: If you receive financial assistance from Brearley, the School will provide financial support at the same percentage of financial assistance you receive for your daughter’s tuition. Should you have any questions related to financial assistance, please contact Director of Financial Assistance Christina Clemente ( 

To read class descriptions, tuition and scheduling information as well as to apply, click HERE. 

Beginning Urdu (CLOSED)

An Indo-Aryan language, Urdu is spoken widely in India and Pakistan. It is the national language of Pakistan and is closely related to Hindi in its vocabulary and grammatical structure. Both languages, Hindi and Urdu share common vocabulary from Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit and are mutually intelligible. The script used to write Urdu is called Nastaliq which is derived from Persian.

In this course the students will be introduced to the Urdu script and they will learn how to form the letters of the alphabet and practice the basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Aliya Quentin teaches French in Brearley’s Modern Language Department.  Ms Quentin was born in Pakistan and Urdu is her first language. She adds, “To me, Urdu embodies the soul of poetry in Pakistan and India. The recitation of Urdu poems and the captivating melodies of Urdu songs resonate deeply with me, reflecting the cultural and literary richness of the region.”  

This class runs from June 24-July 3, 9:00 am–12:30 pm. Cost: $650.

آئیے اردو سیکھیں! (!Let's learn Urdu)

The Complete Poet: Writing Workshop

This intensive five-day summer course inducts the high-school poet into the poetic tradition and its innovations, the elements of excellent writing, the practice of feedback, and the know-how of publication. Led by a Financial Times Best Book author and Brearley master teacher, the class meets for a two-hour morning seminar and a two-hour afternoon workshop. In the morning seminars, participants read closely a variety of classic and contemporary poems, moving outwards from the Anglo-American core to world literature, in order to understand their own place in the poetries of our time. The afternoon workshops are devoted to the discussion of participants’ original poems. During lunch, participants meet rotating partners for a poetry date. The class is kept small, from 6 to 12 students. It is open to everyone of all levels of experience. Intellectually stimulating and artistically supportive, The Complete Poet gives participants all the skills they need to become serious practitioners of a wonderful verbal art.

A master teacher at the Brearley School, Jee Leong Koh is the author of seven books of poetry. Steep Tea (Carcanet) was named a Financial Times Best Book of 2015. His latest Carcanet book is Inspector Inspector (2022). Koh was awarded writing residencies and fellowships by Kundiman, Soul Mountain Retreat, and Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. He studied with Vijay Seshadri, Stephen Dobyns, and Marie Howe at Sarah Lawrence College, Marie Ponsot at 92NY, Kimiko Hahn at Cave Canem, and Paul Muldoon at Poets House.

This class runs from June 24–28, 10:00 am –3:00 pm. Cost: $650

Civitas: Public Service Institute (CLOSED)

A Brearley education is not for oneself alone. Our mission statement calls specifically on our alumnae to serve the greater good. In addition to providing comprehensive learning opportunities and teaching skills needed to support oneself and one’s family, the School aspires to nurture a sense of responsibility in our students and alumnae to use their education to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond, as well as to consider exciting and fulfilling careers in community and public service.
The Brearley Service Institute provides a theoretical and practical introduction to service. Through seminar discussions led by alumna and community leader Ruth Messinger '58  and Brearley teacher and grade head Runako Taylor, students identify various needs in their own neighborhoods and then select one of those needs to research for a final presentation exploring root causes and possible interventions. 
Students will also develop persuasive writing and speaking skills, and have the opportunity to learn from alumnae and other community leaders about possible career paths and initiatives underway in their area of expertise. The cohort will have time to reflect on these sessions and offer new questions for the group to consider. 
The Service Institute is open to 16 students in Classes IX-XI and runs for six days, June 17-26. Students should be available for the full day, which will be divided between theoretical and practical learning. Cost: $650

Intensive Intro to Computer Science

This introductory course is tailored for rising high school students who have little to no background in computer programming.  This intensive program immerses students in the fundamental concepts of computer science and the basics of Python programming.  By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the skills to write concise Python programs to solve various problems, setting a solid foundation for future learning in computer science.

This course serves as a valuable prerequisite for advanced computer science studies and provides students with a solid foundation in Python, equipping them with the skills necessary for further academic exploration in computer science. Additionally, it imparts a practical understanding of this widely-used language, relevant in both research and various professional sectors.

The course will be taught by Brearley mathematics and computer science faculty member, Susan Donovan and highlights include:
  • Delving into the core principles of computational logic and the binary system;
  • Defining and manipulating variables in Python, understanding the different data types and their applications;
  • Mastering the basics of control structures e.g. 'if-then-else' statements to guide the logical flow of programs;
  • Developing modular code using functions that enhances code readability and maintainability;
  • Exploring iterative processes with 'for' and 'while' loops, crucial for repetitive tasks and data manipulation;
  • Engaging in coding puzzles that reinforce concepts and encourage problem-solving skills;
  • Understanding the concept of recursion, a powerful technique for solving complex problems;
  • Being introduced to object-oriented programming by creating and using custom data types;
  • Establishing a foundation in object-oriented programming through the development and utilization of custom data types.

    NEW! This class runs from June 17-June 28, from 9:00 am-4:30 pm. Cost: $1800.
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