we can pioneer a curriculum in which academic challenge and happiness thrive side by side. We can ensure that Brearley educates daughters from families as varied and vibrant as New York itself. We can meaningfully expand our schoolhouse to match the academic power and enhance the well-being of our girls and teachers.


Brearley’s mission has long combined the highest academic rigor with an insistence on a larger purpose: a passionate exchange of ideas at school to prepare students to put their knowledge and habits of mind to meaningful use beyond.

In stewarding the continued excellence of a Brearley education, no group plays a larger role than our faculty. Teachers here have been known for giving students the gift of both friendship and of high expectations.

To secure the School’s legacy of exceptional pedagogy, we are emphasizing professional development and systematic curricular review to support our faculty as they continue to grow as scholars and teachers.

To support students as they pursue balance in their daily lives, we are also teaching social, emotional and leadership skills while cultivating greater inclusion and equity among our diverse community and fostering the values of courage, kindness, resilience and generosity.

You can support new educational programs and initiatives as well as the educators who develop and practice them through Annual Fund and endowment gifts.


Part of what makes Brearley special is that we educate talented girls with promise from all over the New York metropolitan region and from all backgrounds. Brearley prioritizes financial access and is a leader among peer schools in offering tuition assistance to low, middle and upper middle-income families.

We seek a community of students and families from all walks of life who bring a multiplicity of experiences, cultures and perspectives to Brearley. Our goal is for all students to flourish and embrace every opportunity the School offers—academic, social, athletic, artistic and in other extracurricular activities.

To enhance our recruitment pipeline in all boroughs, New Jersey and Long Island, we are collaborating with alumnae and expanding our outreach. We are also augmenting our communications to introduce our school to more families. To address other obstacles to attending the School, we have launched a Brooklyn bus and established ways for all families to save on expenses from in-house tutoring to afterschool programs and college visits.

You can help keep a Brearley education accessible and our community vibrant and thriving through gifts to the Annual Fund and the School’s endowment.

610 PLUS 590:

For more than 20 years, we have been investigating options to address the space needs of Brearley’s remarkable and ever-evolving program. Thanks to these important efforts, we are now implementing a campus plan with the addition of a new facilitiy in the neighborhood we have called home for over 85 years. Just steps from historic 610 East 83rd Street will be a new Brearley building at 590 East 83rd Street.

In keeping with Brearley’s values, 590 will be built for durability and functionality with resources invested to optimize teaching and learning. To that end, 590 will become home base for the Lower School and will feature new science laboratories for Classes VII through XII; a regulation-size gymnasium to augment the Field House; and a large, flexible auditorium with modern acoustics that will support the School’s burgeoning music program and allow us to expand community gatherings.

Once the new facilities are added to our campus, all students and teachers will enjoy less crowding, and we will begin upgrades and renovations to our beloved 610.

You can support our new 610/590 schoolhouse to match Brearley’s ambitious program with gifts for these capital projects.
The Brearley School
610 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028