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Alumnae Association

Alumnae Association Board 2018-2019

PRESIDENT Terri Seligman '78
VICE PRESIDENT Dena Twain Sims '00
SECRETARY Lynette Tompkins Engel '80 

TO SERVE UNTIL 2019 Rémie Roseman Christ '87, Lynette Tompkins Engel '80, Jessica Givens '06, Lucy Mayer Harrop '70, Ginny Chambers Keim '61, Ann Thomas Skala '80, Cindy Spiegel '78, Katherine Walker '10 
TO SERVE UNTIL 2020 Karen Ash '99, Wendy De Wolf '10, Kate Hartnick Elliott '82, Willa Ghitelman Fawer '91, Gail M. Gillam Gerhart '61, Kitty Morot-Sir Gordan '64, Felicia Gordon '93, Kelly Salazar '08, Terri Seligman '78 
TO SERVE UNTIL 2021 Elaine Bennett '77, Britt Caputo Bunn '04, Claire Gilman '89, Amina Elderfield '94, Colette Macari '13, Dena Twain Sims '00, Julia Speed '07, Karen Young '88

ALUMNAE WEEKEND Wilhelmina Martin Eaken '64, Jennifer Hand '83
ANNUAL FUND Katie Shutzer Brennan '92, Emily Marzulli Rummell '06
ARTS Julia Speed '07, Jody Perlberger Watermeyer '87
FRANCES RIKER DAVIS Kitty Morot-Sir Gordan '64, Lucy Mayer Harrop '70
LIBRA Elaine Bennett '77, Ginny Chambers Keim '61 
LOIS KAHN WALLACE Cindy Spiegel '78 
MILLER SOCIETY Cherise Fisher '90, Michelle Wonsley-Ford '97 
NOMINATIONS Willa Ghitelman Fawer '91, Kelly Salazar '08
PARENTS' ASSOCIATION REP Mika Bouvard '93, Dena Twain Sims '00
610CONNECT Kate Hartnick Elliott '82, Lynette Tompkins Engel '80
YOUNG ALUMNAE Wendy De Wolf '10, Colette Macari '13


If you would like to be involved in a committee, please contact Tia MurkisonDevelopment Events Assistant.

List of 11 items.

  • 610Connect

    610Connect facilitates networking by and among Brearley alumnae by providing: A) Opportunities to explore and learn about a wide variety of fields, career paths and businesses of Brearley alumnae through two or three panel events focused on particular themes; B) A new look at Brearley’s robust online alumnae sites as a networking tool with an eye toward refocusing ongoing networking opportunities for Brearley alumnae through Brearley’s online alumnae resources; C) Tools to help embrace the following networking essentials: “How to Network”, “What Networking Means to Me/You”, and “How to Incorporate Networking into Your Life”; and D) Opportunities to create/provide stronger connections among Brearley alumnae by re-evaluating, reminding and restating common networking themes across multiple platforms available to Brearley alumnae.

    Lynette Tompkins Engel ’80 lynengel@gmail.com
    Kate Hartnick Elliott ’82 katehartnickelliott@gmail.com

  • Alumnae Weekend & Reunion

    The year-long project, organized by the Co-Chairs, plans the Alumnae Weekend events for both the Friday and Saturday programs including finding speakers, designing invitations and selecting decorations.  The aim of the Alumnae Weekend is to bring generations of Brearley women back to the school to celebrate the past, present and future of Brearley and, in so doing, to reinforce alumnae ties and the Brearley network.

    Wilhelmina Martin Eaken '64 (wmeaken@gmail.com)
    Jennifer Hand ’83 (jhand3@gmail.com)

  • Annual Fund

    The Alumnae Annual Fund Committee works on all aspects of the alumnae fundraising effort. Alumnae support is crucial to the Annual Fund, which helps bridge the gap between the cost of a Brearley education and the income from tuition and the endowment.  There are also co-chairs who specifically focus on participation and major donors.

    Katie Shutzer Brennan '92 (katie.l.brennan@gmail.com)
    Emily Marzulli Rummell '06 (emarzulli@gmail.com)

  • Arts

    The purpose of this committee is to plan two or three events of an artistic nature, with a Brearley connection, during the school year for alumnae and other interested members of the Brearley community.

    Julia Speed ’07 (juliacspeed@gmail.com)
    Jody Perlberger Watermeyer '87 (jodyperlberger@gmail.com)

  • Frances Riker Davis '15 Award

    The purpose of this group is to select the recipient of the FRD Award, which is given to an alumna who has shown outstanding community leadership.

    Kitty Morot-Sir Gordan '64, kittygordan@gmail.com
    Lucy Mayer Harrop '70, lucymharrop@yahoo.com

  • LiBrA (Lives of Brearley Alumnae)

    LiBrA showcases the diverse lives and careers of Brearley women through panel discussions, field trips and collaborative events. LiBrA focuses on the interests and needs of the alumnae community.

    Ginny Chambers Keim ’61 ginnyck@hotmail.com
    Elaine Bennett '77 elaine@bennettink.com

  • Lois Kahn Wallace '57 Award

    The purpose of this group is to select the recipient of the LKW Award, which is given to an alumna who has recently published a first book, or a book in a new genre. 


  • Miller Society

    The Miller Society at Brearley works to strengthen the network of alumnae of color and help them remain connected to Brearley by hosting intergenerational events and supporting current students of color.

    Cherise Fisher '90 (CheriseFisher@gmail.com)
    Michelle Wonsley-Ford ’97 (mwonsley@gmail.com)

  • Nominations

    The purpose of this committee is to identify and research alumnae in order to present and select a slate of candidates for officers whose terms are completed and for Alumnae Board members at large.

    Willa Ghitelman Fawer '91 (willa.fawer@gmail.com)
    Kelly Salazar ’08 (Ksalazar1212@gmail.com)

  • Parents' Association

    These alumnae parents are special representatives to the Parents' Association (PA). As liasons between the PA and the Alumnae Board, they keep the Alumnae Association updated on parent activities.

    Dena Twain Sims '00 denarosetwain@gmail.com
    Mika Bouvard ’93 mbouvard@nyc.rr.com

  • Young Alumnae: Classes 2004-2018

    The Young Alumnae Committee is the youngest of the Alumnae Board committees, planning events for alumnae 15 years from Brearley graduation and providing a great entry point for young alums eager to reconnect with Brearley.  This committee plans 2-3 events during the year, focused on the interests and lives of young alums, and promotes networking among all Brearley alums.

    Colette Macari '13 (colettesmacari@gmail.com)
    Wendy De Wolf ’10 (Wendy.dewolf@gmail.com)

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