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The college search and application process is an opportunity for students to exercise their decision-making skills and independence. Brearley offers a comprehensive college advising program that builds upon the personal and academic advising given in earlier years and that begins formally in the fall of Class XI. The students meet in seminars with the College Advisor throughout Class XI and through the fall of the senior year.

In the second half of Class XI, girls begin to meet individually with the Advisor in a series of conversations that eventually include their parents. The process is a very personal one in which the Advisor comes to know each girl well and is thus prepared to serve as her advocate throughout the college application process. As the School’s representative to the colleges, the College Advisor writes a lengthy letter of recommendation for each student that draws upon her knowledge of each girl; the recommendation is supplemented by substantial commentary from teachers and advisors and is endorsed by the Head of the School.

The College Advisor is available as counselor and editor as the students complete their applications, and she remains a source of information and guidance until a student has made the decision about which college she will attend. While the primary relationship is forged with the student, the College Advisor serves as a resource for parents as they, too, navigate the college application process. Our students’ college choices reflect the strength of their academic preparation and the self-knowledge that are the culmination of their Brearley experience.

Director of College Advising


Amherst College 3 Middlebury College  4
Bard College 3 New York University 4
Barnard College 1 Northwestern University 4
Bates College 4 Oberlin College 6
Boston College 5 Occidental College 1
Boston Conservatory 1 Pomona College 2
Bowdoin College 2 Princeton University 12
Brandeis University 3 Reed College 2
Brown University 12 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1
California Institute of Technology 1 Rhode Island School of Design 1
Carleton College 4 Rice University 1
Carnegie Mellon University 6 Sarah Lawrence 1
Case Western Reserve University 1 Skidmore College 1
Claremont McKenna College 1 Stanford University 4
Colgate University 2 Swarthmore College 3
Columbia University 21 Tufts University 2
Connecticut College 2 Tulane University 1
Cornell University 10 University of California at Berkeley 1
Dartmouth College 3 University of Chicago 10
Davidson College 1 University of Illinois School of Engineering 1
Duke University 3 University of Miami 1
Durham University 1 University of Michigan  3
Emory University 1 University of Oxford 1
Georgetown University 6 University of Pennsylvania 8
Grinnell College  3 University of Southern California 1
Hamilton College  3 University of St. Andrews 3
Harvard University 30 University of Texas, Austin 1
Harvey Mudd College 1 University of Tokyo 1
Haverford College  2 University of Vermont 1
Hobart & William Smith Colleges 1 University of Virginia  2
Johns Hopkins University 2 Vanderbilt University  3
The Juilliard School  1 Vassar College 3
Kenyon College 1 Washington University in St . Louis 6
Lafayette College 1 Wellesley College  1
Lehigh University 1 Wesleyan University  3
Macalester College 2 Williams College 9
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2 Yale University 12
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