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Upper School Activities and Organizations

In seeking an activity to balance their academic work, Brearley students may choose from among more than thirty clubs and committees. There are options ranging from groups whose focus is worldwide—community service, environmental issues or human rights, for example—to committees that explore diversity and ethnicity in the School or local community.  Students may opt for more artistic activities in the areas of photography, music, film, dramatic productions and studio art. If they are interested in public policy and government, they may choose to participate in Model U.N. and Model Congress programs; those interested in quantitative reasoning or science and engineering may join clubs devoted to math, cryptography or robotics.
Upper School students can choose to participate in a wide variety of both School and student-led initiatives.


ADVISOR: Ms. Suzuki
Through the shared interest in Japanese animation and manga, Anime Club hopes to bring together students from different grades to form new friendships. We hope to expand our knowledge of Japanese culture and history and we encourage others to understand the true nature of Anime, and not view it as simply cartoons.


ADVISOR: Ms. Stainton
The Art Club is committed to making art a more active part of the Brearley community through trips to galleries, special exhibits and visits to artists’ studios. New York is a major focus of the artistic world, and the Art Club allows Brearley girls to get involved and develop their appreciation for art. The Art Club is for everyone—girls with artistic talents as well as girls who don’t draw, paint or sculpt, but who enjoy learning about art.


ADVISOR: Ms. Marcus
Asian Awareness is a club that seeks to promote knowledge of Asian cultures and issues throughout the school community. It is open to students of any ethnicity: the only requirement is enthusiasm. Anime fans, lovers of Asian foods, students who took trips to Asia or who took the China and Japan history course have joined in years past. We have shown films and invited Korean drummers, dance performers, a Chinese American poet and even a Buddhist monk to come to Brearley. We organize a festival every year complete with activities, music, henna and, of course, lots of great food. We hope to continue growing and implementing change, particularly in making donations to local and international nonprofit organizations. In addition to our activities within the school community, we hope to strengthen our bond further with other clubs in the Interschool system through joint events and other means of collaboration.


ADVISOR: Mr. Tripathi
BEAC is committed to educating the Brearley School community about the environmental issues we currently face. Its primary goal is to make people aware of specific actions they can take to improve the condition of the environment. BEAC pursues its goals by providing recycling opportunities at Brearley, implementing energy efficiency practices, conducting interactive assemblies, writing a monthly column in the Zephyr, hosting an educational website, and holding fund-raisers. The money raised supports out-of-school environmental causes.


ADVISOR: Ms. Maluf
Business and Financial Awareness explores topics related to finance, economics and entrepreneurship. Members engage in discussions pertinent to current events in the business world and perform case studies of influential individuals and companies in the business world. The Club also engages in a wide variety of simulations and hands-on projects, ranging from friendly games of Monopoly to participation in a stock market simulation program to “The Lemonade Stand Project,” in which club members team up to form their own businesses and design, create, market and sell their own products and services in the ultimate entrepreneurial competition. Business and Financial Awareness is dedicated to increasing financial literacy among Brearley’s student body.


DVISOR: Dr. Wright
The Classics Club encourages students to continue their interest in the language and culture of ancient Rome and Greece outside of the classroom. We participate in several Certamina (Latin “Jeopardy”) with other schools in the city and we host our own Certamen. We also organize outings to the theater, movies and museums. In our meetings we practice for Certamina and members present on myths or historical events that interest them. Meetings are held every other week during the school day, but special events may take place after school or on the weekends.


XII ADVISORS: Mr. Koh / Ms. Swett
The Creative Writing Club offers students the opportunity to present their writing and receive feedback from classmates and a faculty advisor during the weekly meeting. In addition to reading their own work, students receive writing prompts from the Co-Heads each week, practice brainstorming and plot development technique and work with each other to explore different ways of developing their writing style.


ADVISOR: Dr. Wright
The only requirement for Debate is an interest in public speaking. Debate competes in two categories, Lincoln-Douglas and Original Oratory. LincolnDouglas is the formal back-and-forth debate most people imagine when they think of debates. It is good practice for girls interested in learning to write cohesive arguments. For the more creative, Original Oratory gives debaters a chance to write a speech on any topic (ranging from racial profiling to vowel changes) and then deliver it. The Debate Club strives to prove that debate is fun and exciting. There is one mandatory meeting a week during the school day.


ADVISOR: Ms. Williams
The Film Club is dedicated to the process of filmmaking and viewing. For an idolizer of films of any genre, or an aspiring director, producer or editor, the Film Club offers interesting seminars and screenings, as well as discussion of both current and classic films.


Q&A is an open group which welcomes people of all identities to come and discuss schoolwide, local and global issues pertaining to the LGBT community. We host weekly meetings open to the entire Upper School in which we discuss topics such as stereotypes, gay marriage, sexuality, discrimination and ways to promote acceptance. Our goal is to make Brearley a comfortable environment for people of all sexualities.


ADVISOR: Sra. Lucile
Global Girls is a group of students passionate about promoting global gender equality. We seek to raise awareness and encourage discussion about gender-based discrimination in access to education and in the workplace and to highlight everyday examples of sexism including violence against women. Global Girls generates discussions among members and other students about modern definitions of feminism and female sexuality, and also provides opportunities for Brearley students to get involved in feminist activism through a yearly microfinance program on Kiva.


ADVISOR: Mr. Harrison
Political Awareness brings students together to discuss current political events and issues, and strives to do so with an accepting, bipartisan approach. The club is more than just a forum for political discussion and debate; it is also designed to spark political activity within the Brearley community through phone banks, campaigning, writing to Congress or simply increasing people’s awareness of today’s most pressing issues.


ADVISOR: Ms. Wonsley
The goal of the Service Committee is to provide opportunities for our students to interact with the Brearley community as well as surrounding communities. Through our efforts to improve our communities we also hope to further unite our school. We also offer other members of the Upper School a chance to pioneer new service projects in coordination with the committee.


ADVISOR: Ms. Lyons
Summer Heart is an organization that raises money to send children from the Exodus House Program at the East Harlem School to Brearley’s day camp, “Summer Start.” One week of summer camp is an exciting experience for any child, especially one who may not have had such opportunities in the past. We will raise money through bake sales, plant drives and other interactive functions. Summer Heart’s goal is to involve the Brearley community in our fund-raising process and to establish a relationship with students in the Exodus House program during the year and then during their time at Summer Heart.


ADVISOR: Ms. Barker
Umoja is a support group for black students at Brearley. The club strives to address and discuss the diverse cultures of Brearley in a relatively stress-free and confidential environment. While Umoja is open to all students, discussions focus primarily on the sisterhood of the African American and Caribbean American students in the Brearley community.
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