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Academic Calendar


Tues.–Tues., Aug. 22 - Sept. 5 Mandatory team practices and tryouts for Upper School
Monday, August 28 Opening Faculty Meeting
Monday, September 4 Labor Day: School closed
Tues.–Wed., Sept. 5-6 Class XII Trip
Wednesday, September 6 Opening Day V–XI
Thursday, September 7 Opening Day I-IV
K Small Group Visits
Tuesday, September 19 Middle School Curriculum Night
Thurs.- Fri., September 21-22 Rosh Hashanah: School closed
Tuesday, September 26 Lower School Curriculum Night
Thursday, September 28
Upper School Curriculum Night
Monday, October 9 Columbus Day: School closed
Monday, November 6 Professional Development Day: no school
Thursday, November 9 Lower School Parent-Teacher Conferences
Wed.–Fri., November 22–24 Thanksgiving recess: School closed
Friday, December 8 IX Teacher/VI-VIII Advisor-Parent Conferences: no school V-XII
Wednesday, December 20 Last day before Winter Break for K–IV
Thursday, December 21
Last day before Winter Break for V–XII
Monday, January 8 School reopens
Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: School closed
Friday, February 9 VI Teacher/IX-XII Advisor-Parent Conferences:  no school VI-XII
Mon.–Tues., February 19–20 Presidents’ Weekend: School closed
Friday, March 16 Last day before Spring Break for K–XII
Tuesday, April 3 School reopens
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day: School closed
Tuesday, June 12 Lower School Last Day
Wednesday, June 13 Middle School Last Day
Thursday, June 14 Upper School Last Day
Monday, June 18
Closing Faculty Meeting
Wed.-Fri., June 20-22 Professional Development Seminars

Brearley respects and encourages the religious observances of its students and their families, whether or not those observances fall on school holidays. We ask only that parents notify their daughter’s Division Leader before an absence from school for a religious holiday so that teachers may adjust assignments accordingly. Except for reasons of health, family emergencies or religious observance, students are not excused from school during the academic year. This calendar is subject to change in the event of an emergency.

Preliminary Calendar 2018-19

Tues.-Wed. Aug. 21 - Sept. 5 Mandatory team practices and tryouts for Upper School
Monday August 27 Opening Faculty Meeting
Monday September 3 Labor Day: School closed
Thursday September 6 Opening Day
Monday September 10 Rosh Hashanah: School closed (no homework due Wed., Sept. 12)
Wednesday September 19 Yom Kippur: School closed
Thursday September 20 Upper School Curriculum Night
Thursday September 27 Middle School Curriculum Night
Thursday October 4 Lower School Curriculum Night
Monday October 8 Fall Weekend: School closed
Tuesday October 9 Professional Development Day: No school
Wednesday November 7 Diwali (school open; no homework due Thurs., Nov. 8)
Thursday November 8 Lower School Parent-Teacher Conferences
Wed.–Fri. November 21–23 Thanksgiving Recess: School closed
Friday December 7 IX Teacher/VI-VIII Advisor-Parent Conferences: No school V-XII
Wednesday December 19 Last day before Winter Vacation K–IV
Thursday December 20 Last day before Winter Vacation V-XII
Monday January 7 School reopens
Monday January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: School closed
Tuesday February 5 Lunar New Year (school open; no homework due Wed., Feb. 6)
Friday February 8 VI Teacher/IX-XII Advisor-Parent Conferences: No school VI-XII
Mon.–Tues. February 18-19 Presidents’ Weekend: School closed
Friday March 15 Last day before Spring Break K–XII
Monday April 1 School reopens
Wednesday April 10 LS Conference Day: No School K-IV
Friday April 19 Good Friday: School closed
Monday May 27 Memorial Day: School closed
Tuesday June 4 Eid al-Fitr (school open; no homework due Wed., June 5)
Tuesday June 11 Lower School Last Day
Wednesday June 12 Middle School Last Day
Thursday June 13 Upper School Last Day
Monday June 17 Closing Faculty Meeting
Wed. - Fri. June 19-21 Professional Development Seminars
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