Conceptual Interior Renderings of 590 East 83rd St.

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The School has now completed a new 12-story structure on East Avenue at 83rd Street that, along with our historic home at 610 East 83rd Street (built in 1929), will allow us to solve a chronic space shortage while remaining part of a neighborhood we have treasured for almost 100 years.

During any subsequent construction work at 590 East 83rd Street, we hope that you will visit this page often for regular updates on scheduling, a two-week look ahead at upcoming work and information about traffic and other issues of importance to the neighborhood. Perhaps most important, this is where you'll find the number of our 24/7 construction information hotline as well as email addresses at which you can be in touch with us directly with any questions or concerns.

Our goal is to perform all of our construction work with great regard for the ongoing safety and quality of life of our neighbors. We look forward to staying in close touch with the neighborhood during the project--and beyond.
    • Preliminary Exterior View of 590 East 83rd St.



Saturday, November 9
Street repaving work on East End Avenue at 83rd Street will need to be conducted on Saturday, 11/9 and Monday, 11/11. The City has issued permitting for work to be carried out from 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 2 pm on Monday. We very much regret the inconvenience of the additional noise on the weekend, but we hope the repaving will result in better conditions for vehicles and pedestrians in the neighborhood.

Concurrent with this work, we have also received permitting for outdoor repair projects to the new 590 schoolhouse. This will involve work beginning Saturday, 11/11  and continuing on subsequent  Saturdays on the canopy as well as repair of gaskets on the windows. This work, unfortunately, could not be carried out during the week because students will be in the building and in the lower temperatures, we cannot leave the windows open.

We apologize for this inconvenience as well, but are hoping that noise can be kept to a minimum.
As always, we urge neighbors to let us know immediately if you observe or hear any problems--either by speaking with the Brearley security guard or phoning our 24/7 hotline at  917-284-9416.

If you would like to contact Doris Coleman, Brearley's Director of Construction and Facilities, please email her at or directly at

We are enormously grateful for the patience and helpful suggestions of our valued neighbors.


Doris Coleman
Director of Construction and Facilities

Jo David
Director of Communications


2-Week Look Ahead


    Thank you for your patience and support!!!


Anticipated Project Milestones

(As of September 2016)

1. Start of Apartment Building Demolition
Early October 2016, Complete in December
2. Construction
January 2017 – June 2019
3. School Moving and Making Ready
Summer 2019
4. Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
September 2019
5. School Ready for Students
September 2019
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our neighbors for their patience with the construction project.

(photo by Eric Antanitus)

Phase IV: Shell & Interiors

(Click on graphic to enlarge site traffic safety plan for this phase of construction.)

Phase three of the project (steel erection) has been completed, the crane was removed from 83rd street and the building has reached its final height.  Phase four will consist of building the exterior façade and interior infrastructure of the building.  During this phase of the project, the construction fence will continue to be positioned so that the sidewalk on the southern portion of 83rd Street, adjacent to the site, is a part of the construction area.  Scaffolding have been built to provide additional protection for pedestrians. Parking in front of the project site, including the North side of 83rd street, will no longer be available.
Trucks will park along the project site on East End Avenue. Flagmen will be strategically positioned to assist the safe passage of pedestrians and the flow of traffic as vehicles enter and leave the project site, and during crane operations. Equipment that will be used during this phase of construction will include cranes, cement and material delivery trucks, equipment, and personnel hoist. Special measures will be taken to reduce the dust and debris from leaving the project site.
The working hours of this phase of the project will be the standard permissible working hours allowed by the Department of Buildings, 7 AM until 6 PM. At this time, no after-hours work or weekend work is expected. Should a special operation, such as an extended concrete pour, be necessary, the construction company will secure the necessary After-Hour Permits from the Department of Buildings, and we will post in advance under the alerts section of this construction website.

Time-lapse Montage of 590 Construction

24/7 Informational Hotline

For both urgent and routine questions and comments about the School's construction project, we encourage our neighbors to phone the Brearley School Informational Construction Hotline at (917) 284-9416. A live operator will answer, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate member of the Brearley team for a reply.

We Need Your Email Address

Please send your email address to if you would like to receive digital updates in addition to the messages we deliver periodically to residents of buildings in the neighborhood.

How to Contact Us Directly

If you would like to contact Doris Coleman, Brearley's Director of Construction and Facilities, please email her at or directly at
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