On the river, on East 83rd Street, we will be here. Educating girls who are undaunted in their exuberant pursuit of knowing. The girls with the adventurous intellect and generosity of spirit. A radical mission at the time of our founding. Radical still.
Incubator, proving ground, home—Brearley is a singular place that is all about the girls—who they are, what they are capable of and what they can become.
To champion such rare and precious places in this world—to tend them, protect them, to make them whole, to imagine their future—is a thrilling opportunity.
This is the opportunity before us.

In recent years, Brearley alumnae, parents, students and faculty have accomplished important work together. We have selected new leadership, created a bold Strategic Vision for the School and secured our physical future. Now we stand at the next threshold.
As one alumna put it,“I’ve always loved our motto of ‘truth and toil’ because to me it means living in the striving.” Brearley is doing just that.
We are “living in the striving” as we shape what a Brearley education will look like in the 21st century and what such an education will mean for our students and future alumnae as they make their mark on the world.
Today, society often gives young women a choice between smart and happy, ambitious and generous, bold and kind. We want our girls to know such choices are false. We want to guide each girl as she grows into her own whole, extraordinary self. We want every student to define for herself what it means to be a Brearley girl.

Now, as at our founding and because of our history, we are uniquely positioned to reimagine girls’ education once again.
To do so, Brearley is launching an ambitious campaign to secure a new kind of wholeness at Brearley—wholeness of education, wholeness of community and wholeness of facilities.
We are building an expanded and yet more cohesive Brearley that will greatly deepen our capacity to fulfill our mission.
It will take all of us to champion this rare and precious place for today’s and tomorrow’s Brearley girls.

This campaign will take all of us.

All of us, standing here together—the Brearley girls we are and will always be—triumphant in the thanks we give because here is where our spirit’s flame is fired.

All of us, standing on the shoulders of the generosity of Brearley families, alumnae, faculty and students who came before us.

All of us, because while there is no one Brearley girl, there is only one Brearley.

The Brearley School
610 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028