Melanie Everett ‘88

April 2019

Red or White: 
Favorite book(s) you read as a student:  The Odyssey. It was the most fantastical journey imaginable.

Favorite assembly, tradition or song: “By Truth and Toil,” of course!

A rule you always followed…or didn’t: I was a rule follower, so I followed all of them!

Memorable school experiences: Art class with Beatrice Thompson—the best there ever was, Field Day, the Book Fair, 8th grade history with Sue Leonard, English with the incomparable Ms. Bergson.
How your Brearley education has influenced your life: More than any other school I've attended, Brearley's influence has stood the test of time and stayed with me these last 30 years. Brearley taught me the power of the written word, the power of speaking thoughtfully and clearly, and through this, knowing my own power. As a woman, understanding the power of your own voice and thought is something that will serve you and shield you for the rest of your life. This knowledge translates to the next generation. The most profound example of how Brearley has influenced my life is how it has helped me to raise my own daughter. I live far from NYC but raised a daughter to think and speak for herself, and to understand the value of her opinion and to know that she never needed to apologize for herself. In short, I raised a Brearley girl in Idaho!