Laurie Wetterschneider ‘74

February 2019
I started Brearley as a first grader. In 1973 I went to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona for a summer session. Thanks to Brearley my grades were high enough that the UofA accepted me as a freshman that fall. It was Miss Mitchell who told my parents they should let me stay in Arizona, thus not finishing my senior year at Brearley. In September of 1975 I graduated from UofA with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television. Were it not for the amazing education that I received at Brearley, I would not have been able to complete college in two years. I have made my home in Arizona and thankfully my family visit frequently!  I was the first woman owner-manager of radio stations in Tucson.
In 2016 I was chosen as the Luncheon Honoree for the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona for my philanthropy. It was recently announced that my parents, husband and I are receiving the Click For Kids Award from Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson, which recognizes one person, couple or organization that have made a substantial impact on the kids at the clubs over a significant period of time.  I have served on the Board for almost three decades, and with the support of my husband and parents I have raised millions of dollars to support the six Tucson clubhouses.
Brearley and my parents taught me not only the value of academics, but the importance of community. I have since retired and am enjoying traveling between Arizona and California (6 months each) every year. Many of the friendships I made at Brearley are still intact thanks to email and Facebook as I am the only woman from my class living in Arizona. I will always be born and raised a Brearley Girl!