Janet (JJ) Kovak McClaran ‘90

May 2018
It is often feared that women may be relegated to the back row and must shout to have their voices heard. Coming from Brearley, I have never taken for granted that my unquestionable “right” to be heard was just part of who I was. A Brearley girl just grows up knowing her voice counts. Thoughts and ideas have merit and value.

As a scientist, I am eternally grateful that Chaucer and George Eliot are also part of my DNA. I have been delighted by the community of Brearley superstars that I have discovered as an alumna, and I have happily participated on the Alumnae Board, mentored budding scientists, moderated several panel discussions, and hosted Brearley students and alumnae at my veterinary hospital.

Brearley girls never shy away from a challenge. We certainly spent much time moaning and wailing about the hard work at the time, but I think everyone of us is grateful to have been given the keys to the castle, the ingredients to the special sauce and the secret handshake that is a Brearley education.