Alumnae Association
Dear Alumnae,
Thank you for participating in the voting process (form below) to amend the Alumnae Association Constitution and ratify the slate of Alumnae Association Board members who will serve from 2020-2023. 
A Bylaws Task Force was formed to review the Alumnae Association Constitution and Bylaws, which had last been amended in 1988.  Their conversations were focused on having our governing documents reflect our current operating procedures, as well as clarify and improve the language. The Bylaws were ratified, in accordance with Article VII, on January 22, 2020 by the Alumnae Association Board.  The next issue of the electronic newsletter BNews, to be emailed in early May, will have a link to the amended Bylaws and officially amended Constitution.
I’d also like to thank the Nominations Committee for their diligence in recruiting interested alumnae to serve on the Board and provide leadership in various capacities. As I am about to finish up my second term as Board President, I am grateful to the time and energy the Board devotes to the care of our alumnae community. 
Please reach out to Daryl Gurian Stern, Director of Events and Alumnae Relations, ( if you have any questions about the Alumnae Association or the voting process.
Best regards,
Terri Seligman '78
Alumnae Board President

*Slate (Click here to view bios.)
Amina Elderfield ’94, Alumnae Board President
Megan Lui ‘10, Alumnae Board Secretary
Leslie Armstrong ’58, Alumnae Board Member
Antonia Bryan ’63, Alumnae Board Member
Ariel Fantasia ’96, Alumnae Board Member
Ruth Gais, ’64, Alumnae Board Member
Katherine Gross-Compitus ’95, Alumnae Board Member
Lily-Hayes Kaufman ‘99, Alumnae Board Member
Cheyenne Kinch ‘08, Alumnae Board Member
Tess McCann ’11, Alumnae Board Member
Jaqueline Worth ’82, Alumnae Board Member

**Click here to view redlined and clean versions of the Constitution.
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