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Service Learning and Community Engagement

The unity, mutual trust and cooperation that begin on the Lower School playground flow naturally into every aspect of education here. With that foundation, and inspired by the models of community service they see demonstrated by older students throughout the School, girls extend their hearts and minds to serving the wider world around them, see the impact of their collective efforts and realize their power to effect positive change.

In the Lower School, service begins with a sequence of annual projects and trips that build on Social Studies and “Respect and Responsibility” classes. The Middle School Service Committee presents a wide range of projects for girls in Classes V-VII: with the support of faculty advisors, students identify and advocate for the year’s activities, which may range from painting a mural for a homeless shelter to singing for residents of an assisted living community. The Upper School years—a time of increased independence and decision making—find students undertaking their own projects, assisted by the Coordinator of Student Life. By senior year, students usually choose to continue work on a longstanding commitment or through school groups like the Brearley Service Committee and Habitat for Humanity; help out in Lower School classrooms; or tutor children elsewhere.

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