Tuition & Financial Assistance

2017-2018 TUITION

K–XII $47,650

Tuition includes lunch, books, supplies and class trips. By arrangement with Tuition Management Systems, tuition may be paid in ten equal monthly installments.

Financial Assistance

Brearley seeks to enroll and retain girls of adventurous intellect who reflect the socioeconomic diversity of New York City.  The School's financial assistance program, funded by its endowment and its generous donors, provides substantial support to approximately twenty percent of the student body.  Financial assistance grants range from partial to almost full tuition.  In 2017-2018, the School will distribute $5.7 million in aid. 

For instructions on how to apply for Brearley School financial assistance click here.

Families who request financial assistance are asked to complete a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) and send it to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). An affiliate of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), SSS is a nationwide service that assists independent schools in processing requests for financial assistance. It provides analyses to enable schools to make consistent decisions, although the ultimate assessment of need rests with each school. Parents are also asked to submit federal tax returns with all schedules and, if they are business owners, the Business section and business tax return. All financial information and all financial assistance decisions are confidential.

The goal of Financial Assistance is to make a Brearley education available to students who would otherwise be unable to attend. While it is Brearley’s belief that the primary responsibility for tuition rests with the family and that each family is expected to look to its own resources before requesting aid, the School makes every effort to recognize the distinctiveness of each situation and, when there is demonstrated need, to tailor grants to meet the full need of each qualified family.




List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Will a request for financial assistance affect the admission decision?

    Admission decisions are based on a student’s academic merit and personal qualities. Because Brearley has significant resources, it has historically been able to meet the demonstrated need of all admitted students requiring financial assistance. Occasionally a student will be placed on a waiting list to enable the school to manage the distribution of funds. 
  • Q. Is financial assistance available for school expenses not related to tuition?

    There is no additional cost to any family for lunch, books, supplies (including sports equipment and team uniforms) and class trips (including those away from New York). Families receiving financial assistance may also receive assistance with other school expenses such as fees for after-school programs and other cocurricular activities. Brearley is committed to making participation in all aspects of school life possible for all of its students.
  • Q. How is financial need assessed? Is there an income cutoff?

    Many factors are taken into account, including, but not limited to, the number of children in a family and how many of them attend tuition-paying schools; additional dependents; all sources of income, assets and liabilities; expenses such as mortgage or rent, automobiles, camps and lessons; and unreimbursed medical expenses. Since each family’s situation is evaluated individually, there is no specific income cutoff.
  • Q. Where does the money to fund financial assistance come from?

    A portion of the School’s budget is allocated for this purpose. To provide financial assistance, Brearley draws on income from the endowed funds donated over many years by members of the Brearley community as well as proceeds from the Annual Fund, made up of contributions from current and past parents, alumnae and friends of the School. Since the real cost of educating each Brearley student exceeds her tuition fees by a significant amount, in effect every student at the School receives some degree of financial assistance. As an independent school, Brearley receives no federal, state or local funding.
  • Q. If parents are divorced, separated or never married, who must submit financial information?

    Brearley bases its policy on guidelines provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which state that it is the responsibility of parents to pay for the educational expenses of their children to the extent they are able. In assessing need, the School will take account of the assets and obligations of both parents and will not be bound by separation or divorce agreements or by the assertion that one parent is unwilling to pay. Therefore both parents must fill out separate Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) forms. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ask the noncustodial parent to fill out this form. Both parents must also submit tax forms.
  • Q. How will a non-earning spouse affect a financial assistance award?

    Since the School expects families to look to all of their own resources before requesting financial assistance, income will be imputed to a spouse who is not working for pay. Certain circumstances, such as the need to care for a disabled or elderly parent or a preschool child, would exempt a family from this policy. Each application and set of circumstances is evaluated individually.
  • Q. Will financial assistance be renewed each year?

    Families must reapply for aid each year by submitting a PFS form and tax returns. Financial assistance will be renewed each year according to demonstrated need; if a family’s financial situation remains similar from one year to the next, the School will continue to grant similar assistance.
  • Q. When should an application for financial assistance be made?

    A request for financial assistance must be made when the application for admission is submitted. (Please note that the application fee is waived for those applying for aid.) Deadlines must be strictly met in order for the School to consider a request.
  • Q. If a family is enrolled without financial assistance, may they request aid the following year?

    No. A family must be enrolled for a minimum of two years before a request for aid will be considered. After two years, a family may apply for financial assistance if there has been a significant and unforeseen change in circumstances.
  • Q. Do financial assistance awards have to be repaid?

    No. They are grants and do not have to be repaid.
  • Q. Are merit scholarships available?

    No. all financial assistance awards are based on demonstrated financial need.
  • Q. Do students receiving financial assistance have to meet different standards of performance than those paying full tuition?

    No. all students are held to the same academic and behavioral standards. Requiring different standards of performance is philosophically incompatible with need-based financial assistance.
  • Q. When will a family be notified of an award?

    A family will receive notice of their financial assistance award at the same time they are notified of their admission to the School
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