Frances Riker Davis Award Winners Named for 2022

“Since its beginnings, the Frances Riker Davis Award process has reflected the societal impacts that Brearley's educational program makes possible,” Lucy Mayer Harrop ’70, co-chair of the FRD Committee explains. “While doing their due diligence to identify, research and advance nominees, the alums serving on the FRD Committee also reflect core values similar to those demonstrated by the award recipients.”

“We are thrilled that the FRD Award continues to act as a bridge between Brearley’s incredible alums and its current students,” Mia Campbell ’06, co-chair of the FRD Committee says. “As the award evolves with our dynamic 21st-century world, the recipients and their work remain as profound and impactful as ever. We are in awe of all our nominees and appreciate the community involvement in shedding light on the impressive work of our alums.” 

Maggy Cullman’s lifelong dedication has been to helping those in need, spanning a wide range of the population: recently arrived immigrants, students attending community colleges, women prisoners, persons associated with interfaith communities and the elderly. In 2000, she was bestowed with the Bishop’s Award for Faithful Servanthood in the Church and the World by the Episcopal Bishop of Maryland. Reflecting on her work and time at Brearley, Maggy says, “I didn't have to be perfect after all. A person can veer off course and still create a life of value.”
Over the past two decades, Martine Singer has addressed the glaring needs of children and families living in poverty, with a focus on their gaining access to decent housing, comprehensive healthcare and counseling as well as improved opportunities in education and employment.  As President and CEO of Children’s Institute, overseeing one of LA’s largest social impact organizations, Martine is a major influence in making a wider range of social services available to those in need. “There is no group of people whose recognition means more to me than previous Frances Riker Davis winners,” Martine says. “I went to Brearley for 11 years, and the women I met there are still my closest friends. Brearley helped instill my passion for social justice and set a standard for ethics, dedication and excellence that are deeply ingrained in me.”
For many years, Maggy and Martine have steadily endeavored to improve the living conditions in their local communities. These two alums' far-reaching achievements represent how humane, compassionate impulses, inspired by direct, face-to-face engagement, can lead to highly effective commitments of service. 
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