Brearley’s physical layout supports students’ intellectual, artistic, social and physical activity in each of the three divisions. With indoor and outdoor athletic facilities in the neighborhood and its setting overlooking the East River, the School has the feel of a campus in close proximity to the artistic, cultural and other resources of New York City. In the twelve-story main building, the academic home for all students, homerooms are grouped in different parts of the building, the ages of students rising with the floors; classrooms and academic offices are situated throughout. Classrooms are structured around seminar circles of desks or tables; many are equipped with SmartBoards, laptops, wireless access and other technology.

Welcoming Spaces

Faculty, staff and girls of all ages come together throughout the year in the School’s common areas: The Assembly Hall is the frequent scene of theater productions, lectures, concerts and community gatherings. Younger students have lunch with their teachers in the Common Room, while Middle and Upper School students, faculty and staff enjoy breakfast, lunch and snacks in the cafeteria. Students and teachers also make daily use of Brearley’s two libraries, with a combined collection of 26,000 volumes, dozens of print and online subscriptions, musical recordings, audio books and film collection.

    Brearley Facilities
  • Brearley’s “art floor” features rooms for painting, drawing and sculpture, along with a ceramics room and a photography lab and darkroom. The science rooms make use of recycled materials and energy-saving systems, and students use a range of electronic tools to explore topics in biology, chemistry and physics—and even design and build their own robots, among other projects, in the advanced projects room. There is also a special science room on one of the Lower School floors.

  • Brearley Facilities
    Computer facilities are available throughout the building. Students have access to two large computer labs—one serving the Lower School, the other the Middle and Upper Schools. In addition, there are three smaller computer workrooms, as well as the science projects room and laptops for use in the library and classrooms.

  • Brearley Facilities
    Brearley’s Physical Education facilities at East 83rd Street include two gymnasiums, a gymnastics room, a fitness area and a dance studio. The School’s Field House, with regulation-size basketball and volleyball courts and bleachers, is a short walk away, on East 87th Street. Outside facilities include the swimming pool and artificial turf fields at Asphalt Green and fields on Randall’s Island.