Employment Opportunities

As faculty and staff openings occur, they will be posted here. Our openings are also regularly posted in the Jobs in Education listings of the Sunday Week in Review section of the New York Times.
The Brearley School actively seeks diversity in its faculty and student body.

Current Openings

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  • Director of Counseling and Wellness

    July 2015 Position

    The School

    The Brearley School is a nationally respected learning community of 700 girls in K-12 and 200 faculty and staff members. An independent school that draws students from all five boroughs of New York City and beyond, Brearley is the center of extraordinary intellectual energy and exuberance.

    Opening Doors: A Strategic Vision for The Brearley School” which was approved by the Board of Trustees in October, is the blueprint for the next chapter in the School’s history of educational leadership. In addition to maintaining and enhancing Brearley’s exceptional teaching and curriculum and creating new space for the School, the plan’s key initiatives include an emphasis on balance in daily life and the redefinition of the model of healthy achievement and success for Brearley students and girls everywhere.

    The Position

    The new position of Director of Counseling and Wellness is an immediate outgrowth of Brearley’s vision for the future. The Director will serve as a vital nexus for all activities in support of the social and emotional wellbeing of our girls in Classes K – XII. S/he must embrace an inclusive and culturally-sensitive approach to wellness and will help provide the momentum needed to sustain and nurture a healthy, safe and caring school environment. In addition to providing traditional counseling services to students throughout all three academic divisions, the Director will work closely with the Division Heads, the School Counselor and the School Nurse, among others, to promote the health and wellness of our student body. As a leader in this thread of the School’s work, the Director must be comfortable balancing collaboration with colleagues, while working in an entrepreneurial and self-directed manner.

    This is a full-time staff position, reporting to the Director of Community Life.

    The position’s responsibilities include:
    •Developing, executing and overseeing social-emotional wellness programming in K-12;
    •Collaborating with Division Heads and Health Team to design and implement policies and procedures;
    •Providing direction, coordination of resources and leadership during school-related dilemmas or emergencies;
    •Providing training to administrators, faculty and staff on relevant social and emotional developmental issues, including, but not limited to, identity, safety and harm prevention;
    •Providing direct short-term counseling to students, referral services for families, and consultation to parents, faculty, and staff on an as-needed basis.

    •Must have a minimum of five years of experience post-licensure;
    •Ph. D. or Psy. D. in school or clinical psychology; LCSW will be considered;
    •Prior experience in a school setting;
    •Experience in the design and implementation of a social-emotional curriculum;
    •Demonstrated ability to work effectively in multicultural environments and administer culturally-competent and developmentally-appropriate support;
    •Crisis-management skills and experience facilitating crisis-preparedness training;
    •Experience in providing trauma support;
    •Strong writing, verbal and listening skills;
    •Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Elevator Operator

    Supports the efforts of the School, and the Department of Facilities Management to transport all persons via elevator to all locations as required in order to affect a smooth running vertical transportation mechanism, as well as assisting with other diverse Facilities duties. Light cleaning duties will be assigned to the elevator operator as needed.
    Must have excellent and on-time attendance.  Must have the ability to maintain schedules, follow tasks through to completion, handle people with tact, have good communication skills, calm demeanor, and be able to resolve difficulties independently. Hours for the position are flexible. 
  • Porter

    Supports the efforts of the Department of Facilities Management in cleaning and maintaining the School’s buildings and systems, including but not limited to walls, flooring materials, ceilings, toilet rooms, radiator and vent covers, plumbing, electric and fire detection systems, furniture and equipment. In addition, packing, unpacking and moving boxes, furniture and equipment throughout as assigned, as well as assisting with diverse departmental needs.

    All work must be performed in a timely manner and at a level consistent with the high standards and needs of the School. Must be familiar with all chemicals and tools necessary in the execution of the work.

    Must have ability to interact positively with Supervisors and co-workers, and work well in a team environment. Must be flexible with work and work schedules.
    Must be friendly, courteous, polite, able to communicate well with others, and to offer help when assistance is needed.  Hours for the position are flexible.
  • Security Guard – School Field House

    Supports the efforts of the School, and the Department of Facilities Management to maintain a secure and appropriate environment at the school Field House.  Must be well versed and have a background in security, operational management, or like specialties.  
    Must be a self-motivated individual to support the operation of our facility by maintaining building security and safety.  Must be trustworthy and accountable to the staff and students of the school.  Hours for the position are flexible.
  • Vocal Music Teacher

    Part-time, one year leave replacement for K-IV. Kodaly training and five years of teaching experience required.
Submitting Your Résumé 
Unless specified otherwise, please submit your cover letter and résumé to registrar@brearley.org
or by mail to Registrar, The Brearley School, 610 East 83rd Street, New York, NY 10028. No phone calls please.

Faculty Benefits

The School offers many benefits to eligible employees, including health insurance, retirement annuity plans, long-term disability insurance, a flexible spending plan, a computer purchase loan plan, the City’s TransitChek program, and lunch and snacks for all employees without charge. New faculty may apply for housing in a Brearley-owned building on East 77th Street.